Tuesday, October 23, 2018

September-October Product Empties

Here are my product empties for the entire month of September up to the first half of October. I've used up a lot and nothing can compare to the satisfaction I'm feeling right now! I had already posted reviews of some, others remain unspoken yet. One product I really love in this collection is the AQUA DREAM BODY LOTION. As you can tell, it looks so beaten up, you can hardly tell what it says, because I use it wherever and whenever deemed necessary. I bring it with me to work and I love the sweet lingering scent and the moisture it gives--a dry skin savior!

I also emptied another bottle of CLINDAMYCIN SOLUTION which is probably my best prevention solution/antibiotic for acne and pimple breakouts. I also used up my a favorite scented body sanitizer in the form of CARONIA BODY SANITIZER IN GREEN TEA. It reminds me so much of Elizabeth Arden Green Tea perfume!

Here's the NATURACTOR PRESSED POWDER in shade 441 which is a good setting powder. Instantly blurs pores and mattifies the skin and need I say one of the most affordable pressed powders out there! I also finished up my HUMAN NATURE SUNFLOWER BEAUTY OIL which is a great underarm cleanser, brightener and moisturizer! Pump a generous amount into a cotton ball and gentle scrub on your pits and there you'll see all the sweat and dirt accumulated on your skin! More of this in my upcoming review!

I'm also done scraping my HUMAN NATURE PEPPERMINT 100% NATURAL LIP BALM and POND'S FLAWLESS RADIANCE DERMA+ HYDRATING DAY GEL down to the bottom. I love them both for their moisturizing properties! And there you have the CLEAN & CLEAR ESSENTIALS FOAMING FACIAL CLEANSER that detoxifies and cleanses the skin well.

These are the items I finished in sachets. I got here the PUREDERM BOTANICAL CHOICE EXFOLIATION FOOT MASK. This is the second time I use this foot peeling mask and I just love how my smooth and soft my heels become! I also love this MEDIHEAL N.M.F AQUARING AMPOULE MASK EX which is perfect for us with oily skin--never greasy and is non-comedogenic!

I also used these ESFOLIO BANDAGE WHITENING FACIAL MASK, DOVE FRESH BLUE WIPES and MEGAN DETOX AND LIGHTENING PEEL-OFF CLAY MASK which I haven't reviewed here yet. Not very much fond of them though.

So there you have it! There's just something really satisfying with finishing products off. Now, I can't be more excited about adding more stuff to my #productempties box! What are the products you just finished beating up?


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