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Sigma Beauty Kabuki Brush Set Review

It's been a while since I had these Sigma Beauty Kabuki Brush Set which I bought straight from Sigma website. I couldn't afford it for $90 a set so I'm glad it became discounted for only $63 for all 5 brushes. Price is already reasonable as these retails for $25 each. I am also glad I picked it up then because I don't think this set is still available at Sigma up to date. You may check other registered retailers from US and hope they accept internationally-issued cards.


The brushes comes in a box with some information about the products. I wasn't able to include a photo here because I think I misplaced the box. There isn't anything special about it though--no free pouch or freebie when you buy the set. I don't mind as Sigma always has free stuff to give away, sometimes with minimum purchase.

The overall design of the brushes looks typical from afar but feels so luxe once you got a hold of every single one of them. There is evidently some weight to each brush. Compared to other makeup brush brands, Sigma brushes are usually longer, thus the extra space. These kabuki ones are smaller so they fit pouches really well. The handles are sleek and shiny and engraved on the bottom part are the names and codes which do not easily rub off. I appreciate this touch because for someone like me who is just starting with makeup, I can definitely get an idea which is which and makes sure a brush serves its purpose.

The bristles felt the same to me--very, very soft. Substandard brushes has a lot of bristles that pokes the skin and tend to open them up but I didn't experience the same thing with my Sigma Brushes, particularly these kabuki ones. It is also nice to know that it's made of synthetic, antimicrobial fibers which is good for cream or liquid makeups for performance and hygienic purposes. In my opinion, each brush has around the same density so they don't absorb too much product.

According to Sigma, the handles has 8 coats of paint and primer for lasting beauty and is also made of durable, corrosion-resistant SigmaAlloy™ ferrules and precious-metal plating for shine and strength. You can only imagine how much Science and effort each brush is made of. You know it's made of strong and durable materials as even after washing, there were no major shedding and the brushes keep its shape even after several washes. The only thing I dislike about it is the fact that the bristles stains very easily no matter how hard I clean or scrub them.

Sigma Beauty Kabuki Brush Set
Bought for: $63 (Around P3,300)
Bought from: Sigma Beauty


SIGMA FLAT ANGLED KABUKI (F88) - Get an airbrushed foundation finish blending into every crevice with this soft Sigmax® fiber brush. This brush has a flat, angled head which you can use to apply and blend foundation. The surface is smaller than that of F80 so I usually prefer the latter as it gets the job done faster. I like that it's angled though because it is able to get to every nooks and crannies of my face.

SIGMA FLAT KABUKI (F80) - You’ll get high-definition skin with Sigmax® fibers that smooth on any foundation. Blend evenly using this cult-favorite award winner. Now I understand why everyone loves this F80 brush of SB. The bristles are so dense and the flat head is able to buff foundation flawlessly sans the streaks. I just wish the bristles are a teeny bit shorter so it would feel a bit stiffer but this is like a minor complaint. This product does amazingly on its own, still one of the best foundation brush I have tried, so yeah, I don't think I should've bothered saying that.

SIGMA TAPERED KABUKI (F86) - Your secret for looking rested every day; use the tapered Sigmax® fibers with liquid and cream concealers for the perfect under eye cover. The slightly tapered head is dense and soft and is about the perfect size to buff concealer on my under eyes. I sometimes use it to, contour, bake or even apply highlighter just for the purpose of trying it out. I just think I could get on with the rest of my makeup without it.

SIGMA ROUND KABUKI (F82) - Achieve your perfect, natural finish by buffing mineral powder onto your skin using circular motions with the soft, rounded Sigmax® fibers. The short, rounded head is just the perfect shape and size to blend out any forms of foundations, whether mineral or liquid, on the skin. It picks up a great amount of makeup and deposits them to the skin without overdoing it. If I want an extra coverage, this is the brush I'd opt for.

SIGMA ANGLED KABUKI (F84) - You'll create an airbrushed cream blush and bronzer application with this soft, Sigmax® fiber brush using the angle for precise placement. This brush has the largest surface among all 5 Sigma Kabuki brushes I have. It's also one of my favorite. You can make it work either with powder or cream contours and it just swiftly blends them like a dream.

Overall, I love these brushes and I know these can be very expensive but wait 'til they get on sale because it would be a huge markdown! Sometimes, you really have to invest in good quality tools because they truly deliver.


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