Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Snoe Body Ritual Recipes 5 in 1 Scrumptious Body Tonic in Cotton Candy

I rarely review fragrances because goodness gracious, I suck at describing scents. You might think not to proceed reading but please don't hold it against me, it isn't just my thing lol! Don't dare leave me yet because it's something interesting and innovative, you wouldn't want to skip. It's a product from Snoe Beauty, which is a local brand famous for their effective hair, skin and body care products. Okay, I'm sure I'm boring you now with unnecessary words, so yeah, it's this Snoe Body Ritual Recipes 5 in 1 Scrumptious Body Tonic in Cotton Candy.

I haven't read any reviews about this product yet and it's something you don't usually see on social media advertisements and the like either. Allow me to make one. :P It would be a privilege to talk about this product so here goes nothing.

Snoe Body Ritual Recipes 5 in 1 Scrumptious Body Tonic in Cotton Candy
Bought for: P239 | SRP: P399/120ml
Bought from: Snoe Beauty

I got this on sale for 40% off during Snoe's online sale. It was one of my best buy last month. If only I knew the sale will end yesterday, I could have hoard some more. Anyway, the packaging is really cute. It's something that's very light and I like that I can bring it everywhere I go. I mean the plastic spritz bottle is very typical but Snoe doesn't disappoint with their playful designs. Cuteness overload, you say?

According to Snoe, this is basically a body tonic that does more than make you smell great. It can also moisturize your skin, work as an antioxidant and antibacterial product and is loaded with skincare ingredients like Witch Hazel, Aloe Leaf Juice, Goji Berry, Mangosteen and Black Raspberry known to target multiple skincare issues.

We all know that that does not mean we can put it to our face directly because no, I just don't think I'll ever do that. It just made me think that if ever I accidentally spritz it on anywhere in my body, it's purely safe. Other fragrances tend to dry the skin so I'm happy Snoe came up with this product that can also add moisture to the skin. To be honest, I tried spraying it on my neck and upper body and I'm surprised that the claim is true. I mean for a fragrance, would you really expect that? It's also nice to know that it has anti-bacterial properties that would be perfect for someone like me who commutes everyday.

Now, for the scent. I'm sure it reeks of sweetness, something like concentrated scent of Marsh Mallows we all love since we're kids. Just like all fragrances, the scent subsides and becomes better as time passes by especially when it got mixed with our own natural odor. It lasted me about 5 hours which is pretty much a decent staying power for something this affordable.

Overall, I honestly love this body tonic. It's the type of scent I've been looking for years but to no avail. I couldn't just splurge for expensive perfumes for myself so I'm glad Snoe made it so affordable. This is so energizing. I would definitely repurchase by the time I ran out and probably would cart some other interesting variants for comparison. So if you prefer sweet fragrances, this is something you have to consider.


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