Saturday, November 24, 2018

Althea Korea Haul: 11.11 Daebak Deals

I am always excited with all Althea Korea surprises. A deal I've always been watching for in the website is this Daebak kind that basically translates to BOGO (buy one, get one) for us shoppers. I've taken a quick research on what Daebak means and Google says it's 'jackpot' or 'big hit'. Well, getting two items for the price of one (pay for the higher value in case two items are priced differently) is truly a jackpot for cheapskates like me. There were few items to choose from and I was able to snag four items that really caught my attention.



I am always seeing Pyunkang Yul's products everywhere and being Korean products a little on the expensive side, I just couldn't make myself buy them in full price. You can only imagine how ecstatic I was after seeing these two are included in the Daebak deal. Pyunkang Yul's skincare game appears to be very minimal which is why I find it more suitable for my needs. I prefer my skincare simple and uncomplicated and you know that. ;)


I've seen a famous vlogger loving this primer and I was about to buy it as is but thinking I wouldn't pay for another one  makes me just get two. This will be helpful because I need something mattifying for my oily skin.

Oh, were you able to read my SEPTEMBER ALTHEA KOREA MYSTERY BOX mishap? I blogged whether or not it's worth getting and probably due to numbers of complaint, Althea Korea did their very best to make up for what happened. I figured out they credited some goodwill points in my account which I enthusiastically use together with other rebate points I accumulated from previous purchases. TALK ABOUT THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. This haul costed me just the shipping fee. That is one huge savings.

If you are planning to do your usual shopping round at Althea Korea, this is the perfect time. They have this 100% rebate deal for selected best sellers! Do check ALTHEA EXCLUSIVES out too because they are absolutely worth your money. My top pick is the REAL FRESH SKIN DETOXERS IN GREEN TEA AND ROSE and the best thing? They offer free shipping here in the Philippines!


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