Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Charm Cosmetics Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush Review

Charm Cosmetics Angled Buffer Brush
Price: P650
Bought from: an online shop

I've always been curious with brushes from Charm Cosmetics because it's a local brand that, according to most beauty bloggers I follow, creates makeup brushes that are of high quality and will last you a long time. Being the makeup brush junkie I always am, I wanted to try something and incorporate a local brand in my collection.

This Angled Kabuki Buffer Brush is included in my recent 11.11 Shopee haul. It's not really on sale but I still got to save some money because they offer free shipping option. Beauty and Minerals has this 50% sale on all Charm Cosmetics Brushes during the same sale period but I decided to do it on Shopee instead. This brush is intended for personal use so the seller I bought this from offered it for a much reasonable price (P249) which is a better way to go than paying P325 to B&M obviously.


The brush is still in complete packaging with box and I like how information is printed in very chic fonts. According to CC, this brush "is made of ultra lush bristles that feels like velvet on the skin. Buff in your mineral foundation, powder foundation or any powder products with this brush. It's angled shape allows you to efficiently apply your makeup and work through the folds and contours of your skin so that no spots would be missed out. this very dense brush allows you to obtainbuildable coverage from light to full." That's quite an explanation.

The brush is almost the size of my palms which comes very, very handy whether it's for initial use or retouch. The ferrule is jet black and the handle is baby pink in color and it has the brand's logo printed in shiny fonts right slightly on the bottom part. The handle seems to be made up sturdy wood and sleek coating and doesn't feel cheap at all. The brush has duo-colored bristles and I have to agree that it's very soft. It doesn't prick the skin when used which is the very thing I consider in buying  my brushes.


The brush has gotten a huge surface for buffing so it can cover a large area of the face in few swipes. The only thing I kinda don't like is the fact that it doesn't feel as dense as other kabuki brushes I own. It's not at all flimsy, it's still dense on its own but not as I expected it would be. Consider this as a minor complaint though. Other than that, this brush blends powder products like a dream.

I like that its serves a lot of purpose like buffing powders on top of your liquid foundation. You can also use it to apply loose powders, powder foundations and pretty much everything that's dry and you can expect an airbrush finish. Because of its angled shape, sometimes I like using it for enhancing the shape of the face through contouring or bronzing. And since it's not as dense, it's even nice for applying blush onto your cheeks and it just diffuses the color evenly and naturally.



Overall, I would say this brush is worth repurchasing. It does multiple things making it perfect to bring for makeup gigs or even for personal use. You can wait until the next B&M sale happens so you can get it for half its price. I am glad to have discovered a local brush manufacturer that sells high quality tools without breaking the bank and I am looking forward to try more from Charm Cosmetics.

Do let me know what Charm Cosmetics brushes you've tried before! Happy blogging!


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