Tuesday, November 13, 2018

My Take On The Charis' Best Seller Centellian 24 Madeca Derma Cream

Centellian 24 Madeca Derma Cream
Bought for: Free | SRP: Ranges P600 and above
From: Charis Celeb

I acknowledge Raiza Contawi's kind words and good review on the so-called Korea's top acne cream. I envy her because she's found her holy grail out of thousands of acne-busting products made available for consumers. Despite of all positive reviews online though, I just couldn't make myself believe how just a single product made a huge difference in someone's skin. However, the hype were unstoppable, it was so tempting after knowing that this Madeca Derma Cream sells out in flashes. I almost gave in and was supposed to buy a deluxe version when it was made available for 'Try Me' in Charis Celeb's website. I, then, signed up immediately and was so lucky to be a qualified reviewer.

I'm forever grateful to have the opportunity to try this product. It took me a while to say my opinion because I wanted to see for myself if the hype is really true or not. 10 days aren't sufficient to compress all of my thoughts into a single blog and you know me, I take time in reviewing products and I don't say I like something just because everyone expects me to say so. There are great products out in the market and there are stuff that I think are not just overrated, but are over-priced too. I hate to debunk the hype, but Centellian 24 Madeca Derma Cream is something I don't see myself investing on anywhere in the future. Please keep on reading after the short break for the detailed review.


  • Powerful rejuvenating Centella Asiatica extract to repair the skin's natural barrier for youthful, healthy and radiant skin
  • Promotes scar healing: Featuring Centella Asiatica, this effective cream helps to pink out of skin while smoothing and flattening existing scars. Hydrating and soothing, this gel speed up skin recovery process.
  • Reduces visible signs of aging : Centella Asiatica helps to boost collagen synthesis, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, roughness, discolorations and slackened skin
  • Whitening and wrinkle care



It comes in a aluminum tube and a box that displays limited information about the product. It looks very clinical as it comes in the usual ointment type of packaging. I appreciate that Madeca Creams come in deluxe sizes as it's very convenient to use and easy to fit travel bags. It displays its expiry date on both the box and the tube though I wish they could also include the ingredient list.



I got the 15ml freebie but since a little goes a long way, it was able to sustain me for a month. I originally used it just every night before sleeping but I gradually increased application to two times daily after a week or so. I did this to ensure that my previous skincare does not interfere with my new and to lessen purging due to incompatibility. This way I don't get too many pus-filled bumps and it usually works.


Can't exactly tell how it smells or what it smells like but for me it's clean and nothing strong and off-putting. The cream itself is soft and creamy white, texture's very similar to ointments. The cream does not look thick when dispensed but it does leave a greasy layer. For someone like me who has oily skin, the texture's a bit too much and my skin does not seem to drink it up. The cream seem to stay on the surface rather than penetrating deep within. I'm a bit worried it may clog the pores, after all it has  potential pore-clogging ingredients like Shea Butter and oils.


My skin does not breakout more than the usual from using it for the first week or the weeks after that. It's a good news, right? I gradually increased application from once to twice daily for maximum effects. I like that it instantly relieves my skin of any taut feeling I get after washing my face and it instantly soothe my skin too without any stinging sensation. It's so moisturizing that I think it would be a perfect moisturizer for those who have drier skin.

In my case, I am not a fan of products that feel heavy on the skin considering we have a warm weather here in the Philippines and I commute a lot. It's almost Christmas but it feels like summer during the day. I'm always reluctant wearing it outdoors because I feel like dusts and pollution adhere to my face even better, thus giving me extra hard work in cleansing my skin before sleeping. I already have oily skin and the least I want is to emphasize it.

I keep on complaining about the cream's finish, right? Although its makes skin supple and smooth and also helps in preventing skin aging, it also has a huge impact on whatever makeup I wear. It makes my base move and cake like hell and even my setting powders lose over Madeca Cream which is why night time application is very much preferred.

As for the claim of reducing and flattening scars...don't you think it's a bit exaggerated? I don't think it does something great with existing problem areas but I appreciate the fact that it indeed helps in faster skin recovery. Although it does not completely prevent breakouts from coming, the ones I get disappear faster than usual.

If you can withstand oily products like Madeca Cream, I won't discourage you to try it. But if it's not within your price range, good news, there are a lot of acne products out there that can be availed at a fraction of MC's price and are way more effective. One product that works in calming my acne and something I still use from time to time is the CLINDAMYCIN SOLUTION--could be drying but nothing a good, lightweight moisturizer can't fix.

Using Madeca Cream is not completely pointless. It still works as a moisturizing cream I'm sure every skin needs. I am just not overtly impressed with this product because there were just too much expectations that weren't met. It's not as miraculous as it was marketed and for me it's just an average acne cream that's over-priced.


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