Tuesday, November 27, 2018

I Found The Perfect Beauty Blender Dupes (AOA Wonder and Super Soft Wonder Blenders)

AOA Wonder Blender (magenta)
AOA Super Soft Wonder Blender (blush pink)
Bought for: P100 and P130
Bought from: an online shop

You've probably heard about AOA Blenders being a dupe for the ever popular makeup game changers, the Beauty Blender. I wouldn't be surprised if brands keep coming up with something similar to what a BB is in terms of texture and performance. I have tried a few sponges but I haven't found anything that rivals the latter until I have tried AOA Wonder Blenders.

AOA is Miss A's exclusive cosmetics line and they literally sell their products at $1. No joke. There are still a few exceptions though. AOA has 10-piece brush sets that retails for about $10. If you are going to divide the total amount, you're basically paying for $1 a piece. I would suggest you getting the AOA Essential 24-Piece Brush Set if you would like to save more because that just retails for $20. It's like you getting 4 complimentary brushes! Unbelievable. Now I think about it, how does Miss A's operation ever survive? Lol. 

The magenta sponge is basically the original wonders blenders of AOA which make a great buzz in the makeup world. The blush pink is the Super Soft Wonder Blender which is a special edition product and has been made and released for a good cause. Miss A has this Pawpaw Charity Program that aims to help and support animal rescue charities. With this campaign, they release special edition products and proceeds will go to charity organizations that protect and care for animals.

I really do support and admire this kind of business because they not just sell their products at minimum profit, they have caring and thoughtful hearts too that connects them to people. As a consumer, there's no better feeling as supporting and paying for a good cause.


The AOA Wonder Blender comes in different colors and shapes. There's this tear-drop, there's beveled, sculpted, etc. I prefer the tear drop one because it's easier to use and the shape makes the job done. This blender has a really chubby body and comes to a point that easily covers hard to reach areas of the face like nose and eye areas. When wet, it doubles in size which makes it big enough to cover large areas in very few buffing motions. Compared to BB, AOA Wonder Blender feels firmer and still has a tiny bit of a rubbery texture but still soft on its own.

The AOA Super Soft Blender is slimmer and is twice softer than the original wonder blender. Both double in size when soaked in water and indeed become softer and bouncier. I hate to say this but this sponge is just like a Beauty Blender. In fact, it's the best dupe I've found for a BB, even softer than REAL TECHNIQUES MIRACLE COMPLEXION SPONGE I've been loving for quite long. Texture and softness are very close to that of a BB's. IT'S CRAZY. If you are going to blind fold me, I might not be able to tell which is which!

AOA Super Soft Wonder Blender is more porous than the original version. I have to stress out that it's softer and definitely more worth buying. You better stock up because you don't know when it's gonna get sold out. One thing I noticed though is that once you wash this sponge, it sort of becomes a little distorted and tends to lose its tear-drop shape. I'm pleased to see that it retains its shape once it completely dries. Because of the color, liquid makeups can stain it very easily and is hard to clean afterwards.


Here's how the blenders compare to my unused Beauty Blender. BB is smaller in size so you can tell AOA's got some advantage as they get the job done easier.

If you are looking for a good BB dupe, I would definitely say buy AOA's Super Soft Blender. It's just $1.5 when you shop at Miss A compared to BB's $20 retail price. It blends foundation like a dream and doesn't seem to punch you in the face. There's some slight shape mishaps but it doesn't affect its overall performance. These could be the best makeup tool you'll ever get with just a dollar and a half!


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