Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Lily's Touch Miracle Night Cream Product Review

Lily's Touch Miracle Night Cream
Bought for: P250 | SRP: 450
Bought from: Lily's Touch Beauty

I have some Lily's Touch products before and my all-time favorite would be the DIAMOND POLISH. That smells so good and the scrub just slough away dead skin cells in an instant, revealing a brighter and clearer skin. I've also gotten some queries and reads on the blogs I've posted before which is why I assume you'll want a review on the new Lily's Touch product--Miracle Night Cream. I am not sure if this is the newest addition to Lily's Touch skincare line but I haven't heard of this just until a couple of months back. Checking the brand's website, there aren't much updates either.




Lily's Touch Miracle Night Cream is housed in a transparent plastic tub which doesn't feel cheap at all as it's quite sturdy. The cap seals tightly too so the product does not leak. I am not really a fan of products in tub containers no matter how convenient they are for travelling. I just think it's not very hygienic as you have to dip your finger several times whenever you are using it and they tend to get exposed to the air making it prone to bacteria buildup and product contamination. No one can complain though so just make sure your hands are super clean prior to use.


It has a clean, floral scent which is nice but still has a bit of a pungent scent to it so I'm still contemplating whether or not I like it. The scent smells like it hasn't been perfected yet but still not as bothersome as you would imagine.

It looks like white globs of cream with a thin texture and it dries very easily with a soft matte finish. I was quite surprised because night creams are usually rich and heavy as they are loaded with different actives and humectants to treat the skin overnight. This night cream is just lightweight and non-greasy but not as hydrating as other for-PM products. It felt weird at first because my skin feels tightened once the product completely sets but I just got used to it. Make sure you use it as the last step of your skincare because you won't be able to put any products on top without them forming into tiny lumps of dried creams.


I used this product for the last 2 weeks everyday before sleeping as the last step of my skincare. I didn't use anything new in my skin other than this so I'm quite sure this is the culprit of why I broke out on the parts of my face where I rarely get one--nose and in between my brows. I had this huge zit on the top of my nose when I was in second year high school, it left a huge scar but nothing comes next after that.

The first three nights I was using it, my skin still looked clear as my period just passed. After that, clusters of tiny painful bumps appear on my cheeks and jaw and slightly over my forehead which is quite normal for me. It usually happens every time I use something my skin is not yet accustomed to. It all became alarming when I noticed that I'm already breaking out all over my nose and in between my brows. They are very tiny, painful, itchy and pus-filled. I usually get those kind when I'm using something not suitable for my skin. I stopped because it's not getting any better. After that, my skin slowly recuperates.

I have oily and acne-prone skin and I couldn't hide the fact that this product disappoints me. It could be the presence of Sunflower Oil (my skin rarely tolerates oil-based products). I don't hate Lily's Touch for what happened because there are some products from their skincare line that works for me. This didn't make me any less excited to try more from them such as the Revamp Gel and mist. We all have different skin type so if you don't have any reactions with any of the ingredients that are present, this might work for you.

Do let me know what you think of Lily's Touch Miracle Night Cream by typing in your comments down below! A good day to everyone!


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