Saturday, November 24, 2018

November Affordable Haul Part I: Makeup Tools

I was too stressed out mentally and physically the past few weeks that I felt a dire need to find something to do to keep me sane. And so I have been shopping nonstop lately because there's just too many great deals out in the online shopping world that I just couldn't miss. There's the 11.11 sale and other surprises being offered by many e-commerce sites I follow. Because Shopee and Beautymnl just had the lowest free shipping option, I decided to buy the cheapest items in my cart which have been there for who knows how long.


These are the brushes I almost forgot that I bought from Sample Room weeks ago. I got these three soft-bristled eye brushes for free (SRP is P250 each) by just paying the shipping fee. I have been eyeing Charm Cosmetics Brushes and was about to give my money out when they had a 50% off sale at Beauty and Minerals. Good thing, I suddenly think of the upcoming Black Friday sale where I was hoping to score amazing deals (and which I did btw)!


I got this from @yayfriday from Shopee where she's only selling it at P250 from the original price of P650. I don't think CC has dupes yet but I can say this one feels genuine. The bristles are soft and the handle feel sturdy and sleek. I just have some miss and hit experiences with this particular brush. Will review this here separately.


I got this for only P349 from @bebangonlinestore. Originally P450 but because of an offer code, this happened. My RT brushes are what I always reach for unconsciously almost on all days I'm doing a basic makeup. Price is so damn unbeatable and the quality is just top-notch.


These are from Pro Studio Brushes and I got them for P109 each at Beautymnl. These are brushes I always see at the website but just couldn't make myself buy because I think they are slightly over-priced (SRP is P550 for the Tapered Powder Brush and P500 for Pro Round Buffing Brush). I was still contemplating but for the sake of comparison to the existing brushes I have, I made up my mind. Having a closer look, I was able to confirm that there's nothing unique about them as even the overall packaging is quite substandard. There's no engravings or labels on the wooden handle and though the bristles are relatively soft, they still possess that typical makeup brush vibe.


I've always wanted to try these AOA blenders and finally got the chance to when Shopee offers free shipping for items worth P99 and above. I got the Wonder Blender (dark pink) and the Super Soft Blender (blush pink) for P130 each inclusive of shipping. I'm quite surprise because the Pawpaw one is comparable to the ever popular Beauty Blender in terms of softness! I will have a separate review of these here on my blog so watch out. If you are planning to buy these, @kayepotmd and @makeupfactory offer the best deal.

These are the makeup tools I got and I still have more budget-friendly items (clothes and skincare stuff) to share in the following days. Some of them are still in transit and in laundry which is why. :D

***The sole purpose of my haul blogs are not to boast but to share my tipid tips with everyone, shops I trust and how having a keen eye and patience will save you time, money and effort.


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