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Review: Colourette Colourtints Intense Blend Lip and Cheek Oil in Bestseller Shades

Colourette Cosmetics Colourtints
Bought for: P250/each
Bought from: Colourette Cosmetics

Colourette Colourtints are well-raved by most of bloggers and vloggers I know. Just like the COLOURSNAPS DEWY MULTI-STAINS, these are usually sold out online. They said that these are type of tints that has the pigmentation of a lipstick but has the lightness of a tint which I agree on. The shade selection is gorgeous so I'll never miss the opportunity of buying some bestseller shades for the world.





The tints comes with tiny colored boxes with some information about the product such as the claims, ingredients and manufacturing dates. I find them so cute and colorful that I even planned on keeping the boxes though they don't have much use.

The tints are housed in tiny glass bottles with a sleek black cap--the type of packaging you get when you buy some Maybelline nail polish. I am used to it though because I have tried typical tints before that's in this type of bottles too. There's just some pros and cons though. The overall packaging makes its so nice to be displayed on vanity area, admit it! It's very easy to use and is hygienic too. However, since it is made of glass, it definitely would break easily if the owner is quite careless.


The mouth of the bottle is also huge enough to spill the formula all over when you accidentally bang on it. The applicator is a little funny too. It's like you are applying nail polish onto your lips. It serves its purpose but it's kinda ticklish. I hope Colourette could improve on this. I'd prefer doe-foot applicators which are way more efficient.



There are two types of Colourtints: Fresh and Matte. In six shades I got, only one is in classic fresh formula.

  • Zola (Matte) - This is one of my favorite nude shade. It has the perfect blushy nude color I'm looking for and the pigmentation is just amazing.
  • Coco (Matte) - This is blackened red in color and perfect for night outs.
  • Liv (Matte) - The pinkish nude shade is great for everyday use and can match any makeup I'm wearing. I receive compliments whenever I am wearing this shade and this has got to be one of my top picks.
  • Naomi (Matte) - It's more like midtone/salmon pink in shade, applies evenly and is also nice for an everyday look.
  • Maddie (Fresh) - This is a deeper shade of pink that works better as a cheek tint rather than a lip tint. Pigmentation for me is a bit lacking.
  • Ondrei (Matte) - This is probably the most pigmented among all shades I've got. It does not look  nice in swatches but it does wear very flattering. It compliments every skin tone and the shade is just so unique!


The tints smells sweet and I have nothing against it. They are kinda runny when applied and they have the tendency to stain your teeth so be mindful and check! The key is good layering. Don't apply too much on the initial coat. APPLY. LET DRY. SECOND COAT. Since the formula are all liquid-y, it would take some time for them to set so you have to bear with it. However, I like that I don't need to apply moisturizer underneath since the product itself has moisturizers (Beeswax and Argan Oil) to keep the lips hydrated. Adding more moisture will make the product harder and longer to set.

I only have one Fresh variant which is the Maddie, and from the swatches given, you can tell that it gives less pigmentation that the matte ones. It appears more like a typical tint though and fades a bit faster than the rest. Among the matte variants, Zola and Ondrei appears to have the best pigmentation as they apply more even and a single coat is all it takes and I'm good to go. By the way, for them to work, it would be best if you shake the bottles real hard before application. Since it's oil-based, there's a tendency for the oil to separate out of the mixture when left unused. So always, always shake the bottle prior to use.



These colourtints are definitely worth buying. I mean you can never go wrong with its price tag. It's true to its claim of being true to color, intensely blendable and pigmented like lipsticks. I just have something to say about longevity. I don't think it lasts as long as other liquid lipsticks given that I drink and eat at work. It stays pretty much about 5 hours with minimal fading but I still think it's a decent staying power. I just don't want to say it's hyper-lasting because I've tried tints before that stays longer. Also, I have to point out that these smudge so easily probably because of the oil it's made with. This is just a minor complain though. I still love Colourtints.


If you are looking for intensely blendable cheeks tints, I would highly recommend these ones from Colourette. Possible the best cheek tints out there that won't tug or leave streaky red spots on your skin. Use it with a finger or your favorite stippling brush and look gorgeously flushed all day! What's more incredible is that it's just P250 a piece and one bottle will surely last you months.

So have you tried these Colourette Colourtints? What's your favorite shade by far?


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