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Sigma Beauty Basic Face Kit Professional Brush Collection Review

Sigma Beauty Basic Face Kit Professional Brush Collection
Bought for: $58.10 | Around P3078
Bought from: Sigma Beauty

Get 5 classic face brushes you need for foundation, concealer, blush and powder in SigmaTech® fibers that won't absorb and waste product.

I have been using this set since I bought it last May and some has become a favorite. I don't want to spoil you yet but paying $58.10 for this 5-piece brush set, I can only expect a lot after all it's from Sigma Beauty, which is a trusted beauty brand for professional makeup brushes. You all know how I am into these nowadays and finding efficient and quality brushes is just something I think I would do for the rest of my life. Anyway, enough of my introduction and let's get started with the review proper.


Materials used and packaging-wise,  Sigma never disappoints. The 5-piece brush set comes in a small box with a few information printed and the brushes inside are always sealed in individual plastics. Compared to other brushes in my stash, Sigma Beauty brushes are taller so you can really get a good grip and precise application. From the ferrule to the handle, everything looks so sleek and just gorgeous. Sigma's logo is embedded on the corrosion-resistant SigmaAlloy ferrules and also on the handle that's made of lightweight wood with eight coats of paint and primer. The name of the brushes and the codes are printed in iridescent letters. Each brushes has weight to it so by the look and feel, they do radiate quality.

The bristles of the brushes are just soft beyond explanation. There's never a single hair that pokes the skin and they never shed even washed several times already, at least nothing in this collection does. Let's talk about each brush and how they perform in my makeup routine.


Your classic must-have powder brush in extra-soft SigmaTech® fibers for a diffused, natural powder finish all over the face.

This powder brush has a huge and round head and has bristles that are tightly packed together. It's so dense and soft on the skin that sometimes I find it a bit overwhelming to use. With its size though, sweeping powder onto skin is quicker and more efficient. It's like my beloved F20 but has a longer handle. 


Get a natural, dewy finish by stippling or swirling your favorite foundation onto the skin using this classic, SigmaTech® duo-fiber brush.
I am not really a fan of duo-fiber brushes that has flat heads like this because they tend to fan out and the bristles are too spaced apart that I don't think it deposits or blend foundations well and quick. I prefer those that are dome-shaped as the hairs are more uniform. I tried to use this as an option for a blush brush but it's too large for the apples of my cheek. This is the very brush from Sigma that I think is useless or maybe I haven't been in a situation yet that I'll need its large head and blending performance.


Your everyday classic for blush and bronzer in extra-soft SigmaTech® fibers, sweep color across cheekbones for a natural, contour look.

This is a favorite brush of mine as I can use it for several purposes. The plush angled head blends blush and contour like a dream although I use it mostly for blush because of the size of the head. It fits my cheekbone really well so it's very easy to work with as it does not overdo. Sometimes, I use this brush to set my under eyes. It does a lot of things for me and I find myself reaching out to this all the time.


Cover your spots, scars, discoloration and more with this SigmaTech® fiber classic brush using all of your favorite concealer formulas.

This tiny brush right here is definitely intended for professional use and is precise enough to reach and spot-conceal the tiny blemishes, scars and hard to reach areas you'd like to cover. I just don't think I'll ever maximize its use because I don't do heavy makeup on a daily basis. I also prefer some blemishes and scars peeking through so my skin would still look natural even with makeup on. Sometimes, I use this brush to apply primer on my lids which again, isn't very necessary since I could use my fingers when it's just for personal use. That saves more time and brush shampoo too (if you know what I mean!)!


Apply your skin essentials with this classic SigmaTech® brush, it's great for everything including foundation, primer, moisturizer and more.

I am not really a fan of flat paddle foundation brushes because in general, they don't blend foundation as easy as a buffing brush would and they have the tendency to have streaky effects. I find that most of them are too small to cover the entire face with speed and are too firm and hard on the skin. The F60 Foundation Brush from Sigma is no different. It's not my first choice for foundation application but I find it as a nice blending brush for my under eye concealer or spot-conceal bigger blemishes in quick motions. It's made of good quality materials like the rest, I just don't think I'll need it on a daily basis.

So after you've read everything, you're probably wondering if this set is worth buying. I believe each Sigma Brushes are made for a particular use. This set claims that it's for professional use so if you are someone like me who just do makeup for the sake of art and beauty and personal use, I don't think you need to buy all of these. If I am going to be more practical and has to choose a couple brush from this set, I'll only choose the F30 Large Powder Brush and F40 Large Angled Contour Brush because I'm sure I'll be able to use them every day. But of course, if you'd like to explore and experiment with makeups, do buy everything from Sigma. They have high quality tools that will surely last you a long time.

Which of the Sigma Beauty Brushes are you loving so far?


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