Monday, December 10, 2018

3 Perfect Gift Ideas You Can Find At My Charis Celeb Shop

I am a member of CHARIS CELEB family and what makes me so grateful is the fact that I get to try not just skincare or makeup products along the way, but adorable items too that's definitely worth your every buck. A few weeks ago, I was so lucky to be approved to try three (3) items that I've been bringing and wearing nonstop. Let me share with you what they are.

RETAIL PRICE: $13.32 | MY PRICE: $11.99

The is an eco-friendly pouch with carefully sewn patches and floral patterns. The outside material is made of cotton and the fabric isn't stretchable as much I'd love it to be. The zipper feels sturdy and closes smoothly. The size of the pouch is approximately 20.5 cm in width and 14 cm in length. I love the fact that it fits basic makeup inside like powder, blush, lipstick and a mascara comfortably. It's size is very compact and can be used to store your phone, some cards and power bank too. It comes in two (2) colors: white and blue. I just picked the white one because it just looks very basic and simple.


According to the website, Marymond designed this pouch with peach petal patterns as it symbolizes hope as a reminder to the life stories of victims of "Military Sexual Slavery by Japan" during World Wide II. If you have been reading my blog for quite a while now, you'll know how I love to support brands that create products with charitable purpose and goal.

RETAIL PRICE: $21.72 | MY PRICE: $18.89

When I applied for this product, I was only allowed to choose one and I opted for the bracelet. I was so surprised when it has the accompanying necklace on the package. There's two options: White and Blue Moons. I opted for the Blue Moon because it reminds me of Korean dramas I've watched before. I couldn't remember the title anymore but I think Blue Moon has something to do with the story plot.

When I first saw it on Charis Celeb Try Me page, I was so eager to apply even though I know my chance is very little. These two cost a bit much more than skincare products I've been approved to try before but I still took my chance. You can only imagine my happiness when Charis sent me not just one, but two dream catcher items!


I am so impressed with glow-in-the-dark products that I fell in love at first sight with Wing Bling's  Glow Moon collection. I just think that they go well with whatever you wear and they are very simple jewelries with style.


These are 100% pure silver jewel collection and the plating is done non-nickel to prevent skin allergies. My skin reacts to fake accessories oftentimes and so I'm glad these are made of quality and genuine materials. According to the information card, silver has health benefits too like protecting you from electromagnetic waves and keeps hormone balance. I don't really think it's of importance but it pays to know. You may have heard of it but I haven't yet!


Look at my Blue Moon glowing so bright! You only need a few minutes to recharge it with the use of either natural or artificial lights. Glow above was due to my photography studio LED lights.

in a bright room

in a dimmed room

Do you find these items interesting as much as I do? Take a quick visit to my CHARIS CELEB website for more information and check out the products that are TSF-tested and are available for discounted prices just for you!


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