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9 Wishes Rice Water Sheet Mask Review

9 Wishes Rice Water Sheet Mask
Bought for: Free | SRP: P1,857 (11 sheets)

I have been on a hiatus the past few days and you're not hearing from me at all even on my social media. 2018 was already ending and I've had a lot on both my plate and mind. What happened the past few weeks were all stressing me out--I felt like I was both physically and emotionally worn out.  I couldn't even find myself to write and all I did was to introspect, retrospect and show myself some self love. I guess you can call it the darkest days of my year. The funny part was I couldn't even tell what was wrong with me or what went totally wrong in my life but it was saddening. It even makes me not look forward to 2019.

Now 2018 has officially ended, I got to pick up my broken pieces and start anew. Funny that I somehow owe my strength to Catriona Gray when she reminds me to be grateful and see situations with a silver lining. I know time will come that I'll look back to that moment in my life and think that bad days will happen so the good days will stand out. I want to share this with all of you. At some point in our lives, we need to be sad too.

Enough of my preaching and let's get back to the highlight of this post. Today, I will be reviewing some sheet masks I won from Style Korean's Try Me Event. Have you heard of the Korean brand, 9 Wishes? It used to be an alien brand to me and thanks to SK we've been introduced! The following blog posts from this on will be about my honest-to-goodness review of their products! Let's start with one--the 9 Wishes Rice Water Sheet Masks.


Advanced brightening and hydration: Innovative rice water sheet mask with an indulgence of rice water, a time honored traditional Korean skin care ingredient delivers exceptional brightening and moisture in a single use, infused with rice extract, rice bran extract , saccharomyces/rice bran ferment, it replenishes the skin's moisture!


The overall packaging is really neat and informative. Whatever information printed on the box are also written down on the individual packs so in case you let go of it, you will still be reminded of what these masks are for as you can easily skim through the details printed per pack. I love that they made an effort to give an English translation because I can be so lazy looking up product details online. I also appreciate that it's made of a matte, transparent plastic material that gives you an impression on how the essence would look like from the inside. Seriously, 9 wishes made an impression with their packaging.

One box contains eleven (11) sheet masks which retails to P1,857 in Style Korean. That's about *let me just do a long Math here...hehe...* P168 per sheet. It's a little more expensive that other Korean sheet masks but anyway, there are still a lot more pricey ones. For the quality though, I think you're paying a fair amount.


I really like the quality of the cloth it's made of. It's so soft and it's just comfortable to wear. It's thin so it's breathable yet it does not tear so easily. It also fits on every corner of my face so that's plus point. My face is somewhat oval with really chubby cheeks and sometimes masks are too small or too big to go all crinkled. It's tricky to apply mask sheets on considering my shape face but these ones right here gives a perfect fit.

The essence is cloudy and almost like creamy white in color which is different from other masks I've tried before. All of them are transparent or with a little color to them but this one has really silky, almost thick essence. The silkiness makes the mask slips a little bit so you have to push it back on. It stays put after a few minutes though. I just mentioned that it looks creamier and thicker than other mask sheets I have tried but not to the point that it would make your skin oily. I'll talk more about it later.

The milky white color is probably due to the high amount of rice extract, rice bran extract and rice bran ferment and whatever rice ingredients there is lol. I don't pretend that I am good with ingredient analysis but I'm so glad to see that most, if not all beneficial and moisturizing extracts are on the higher part of the ingredient spectrum. I would say that based on the order, all preservatives are in less concentration.


Okay, here's the overall thoughts. Whenever I use this mask, I'm thinking of all positive things I would say in this review. Now, I'm almost speechless because I honestly love these and would swear by it for the rest of my life. Let me try to talk first before I gush.

You know that I am not a very mask sheet type of person. I regularly do my skincare, basic or more rigorous but applying masks are something I find so inconvenient of a step. This changes when I had 9 Wishes Rice Water Sheet Masks. I feel so sad thinking this is probably one of the the best affordable skincare products that are underrated and it makes me want to talk more about it.

I like how it's very cooling and soothing to the skin when applied and how it just does what it claims and more. I have oily skin but that doesn't mean I don't need anything hydrating. I love the milky essence and how it gets absorbed so well without warming up my skin and makes it produce more oil. It, in fact, balances the skin and give it a life. This is more obvious upon waking up after sleeping with the essence on. It leaves skin radiant and supple.

I noticed how my skin's texture improved with regular use. I've been doing it every other day the past few weeks since I've had this resolution to be more committed to doing proper skincare. Here's the thing, since it has essence more than what you can use in one application, you can still store the remaining essence for a second session or use it as a moisturizer on days your skin needs an instant boost of moisture. This saves me from opening a new pack and it gives me a better value for money too.

Above anything else, this isn't one of those masks that leaves my skin clogged and is breaking out. I would really love to repurchase this and I just hope other local sellers would make it more accessible for us. Buying this as of now can be tricky as it seems like SK's the only retailer that ships straight to the Philippines. So what if they run out of stocks, where to now? Questions about this product? Drop me a message by utilizing the chat box below or visit my social media accounts!


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