Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Lily's Touch Miracle Cream Version 2.0 Review

Lily's Touch Miracle Cream Version 2.0
Bought for: P250 | SRP: P450
Bought from: an online shop

Lily's Touch has been famous for their best-selling miracle cream. I remember I've heard about it from Michelle Dy a few years back and eventually decided to buy one for myself to try. I've blogged about it way back February of 2017 and the experience wasn't really life-changing (click HERE for the full review). Big word, right? I've tried a few creams that made it to my holy grail but the original version honestly did not. It's pretty basic, none of those adverse reactions, yet I found nothing so special about it. When Lily's Touch came up with a Miracle Cream Version 2.0, I decided to get one together with the MIRACLE NIGHT CREAM with the hope of finally getting the reason why people are loving it.





I find that the tub it is quite bulky which isn't really good for traveling. I like the overall packaging especially the orange and white color combination as it looks neat. All necessary information are printed in clear and crisp font style. I have to say that the packaging is somehow unique and hygienic because you can find the spatula on the bottom instead of being on top, usually found on the inner seal. Once opened, you will see the product right there and you have to completely remove the inner tub to get the spatula which is cool. I'm thinking of recycling the tub once emptied.

The shape and cut of the spatula is very useful to scoop up product as close to the bottle as possible.


If I remember it correctly, the texture and consistency of this cream is similar to the old version. It's opaque white in color and has a whip-like texture and the scent is both pleasant. The 2.0 has a subtle floral fragrance that gradually goes away.

During application, you have to be careful how much you put on because it yields a strong white cast considering it has SPF 30. It tends to give a grayish effect on the skin so you have to be mindful of how much to use. It is one of those creams wherein blending could be a challenge. I am also having issues with layering makeup on top as the cream tends to pile up and it makes the base cake and move around. Using it on its own would be the best option.



This cream is completely different from the original version of Miracle Cream as the version 2.0 is infused with Stem Cell (for glowing skin) and has exfoliating effects. It also has Sunflower Oil and OMC to protect skin from UV rays and to moisturize it. Checking the ingredient list, it has Vitamin C that brightens the skin and aids in exfoliation without peeling. It also comes in two scents--Cucumber and Nectarine--wherein I opted for the latter.

The cream is lightweight and has a minimal dewy effect. I like that it does not break me out nor clog my skin and I appreciate the added anti-aging and exfoliating benefits but just like the original formula, it does nothing so significant after 4 weeks of use. It brightens the skin and adds glow to it after application though it goes away on midday. If you have dry skin, the cream will settle on dry patches and emphasize it so make sure you use a heavy moisturizer prior. Whenever I'm using it, despite its lightness, my skin seems to oil up real fast and I am not really fond of any product that does that.


If you are looking for a hypoallergenic and safe anti-aging face cream, you can still give Miracle Cream Version 2 a try. It just does not work as I expected and I think it's slightly over-priced. I'm happy I spotted it for a sale price, otherwise, I'm not gonna buy. I'm not really satisfied with the miracle creams of Lily's Touch but that doesn't stop me from trying out other products from their skincare line. I just hope they improve on the cream's consistency so application won't be of a hassle. I think this will be a good maintenance cream if they would just consider revamping the formulation. I also hope they come up with more exfoliating products and if you haven't tried their DIAMOND POLISH yet, you should!


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