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Pro Studio Beauty Exclusive Pro Round Buffing Brush Review

Pro Studio Beauty Exclusive Pro Round Buffing Brush
Bought for: P129
Bought from: Beautymnl

Here's a quick review on the Pro Studio Beauty Exclusive Pro Round Buffing Brush I got last November as part of the 11.11 sale of Beautymnl. I guess I am lucky to have scored this for only P129 from its usual price of P500. They also offer free shipping at no minimum purchase amount required back then which is why I gave it a go. This is just one of the two (2) makeup brushes I've tried and bought from Pro Studio and I'm always curious about the brand as I always see it featured in Beautymnl.

Okay, enough of the long introduction and let's just start with the review!



A professional foundation brush that creates a seamless, airbrush-looking finish for base makeup. Flat, dense bristles applies and blends foundation; compact circular head stipples on product for a smooth, natural look; helps deliver a flawless, full coverage finish; comes in a black handle with silver ferrule for a classic look. It is perfect for Liquid and cream formulations.


The brush is enclosed in a PVC type of plastic which is clean and quite presentable. I just have to say that the brush itself has no appeal at all. It has that sleek silver ferrule and black wood handle and there's nothing printed on it. It pays for you to remember exactly what it's called which is impossible especially if you own a lot of PS brushes. So overall, I think packaging needs improvement so beginners like me don't have to second-guess the purpose of the brush.

The synthetic bristles are indeed soft and aren't scratchy at all. It's dense as I expected though I just wish that the brush is is twice or thrice bigger to buff foundation quickly onto the skin. I find that the head is too small that it works only as a buffing brush for small areas like under eyes. I like how it blends liquid formula seamlessly and it serves way better as a concealer brush rather than a foundation brush.



This is a really nice blending/buffing brush and even though it does not pass my preference as a foundation brush, I was able to find something to use this for. I did not experience shedding even with multiple use so it must be made with quality too. There's just to much to improve on this product but I wouldn't mind keeping it in my stash as I know it will come handy some time. I hope Pro Studio could make a bigger version of this and then I'm sure I'm gonna like that one.


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