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Prreti Honey & Berry Lip Sleeping Mask Review

Prreti Honey & Berry Lip Sleeping Mask
Bought for: P118
Bought from: Althea Korea

I've always had dry, dull lips and most lip balms just don't work at all. They moisturize my lips for a moment and then it's gone. I am so happy I've found a lip sleeping mask that works like magic. Today, let's talk about this lip product from the brand PRRETI.

I actually find the brand's name a bit strange and funny, perhaps because it's almost similar to the word 'pretty' just with a slight tweak on how you spell it. But of course, just like any other brands, I'm sure it means something.


The sweetest secret of lovely girls, PRRETI! Cosmetics by PRRETI embodies the sweetness, lovely and naturally fresh beauty of a young girl in its cosmetics. Say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and say hello to fresh, sweet and lovely lips with the Honey and Berry Lip Sleeping Mask. This cute sleeping mask for the lips will invigorate dry lips overnight and is great for all skin types. Pamper your lips with this intensive honey care to help calm irritation while hydrating and restoring moisture balance of your lips. 
PRRETI Honey and Berry Lip Sleeping Mask contains acacia honey that creates a barrier to protect the sensitive skin of the lips from harsh environmental irritation and gives it a natural sheen. Vitamin C and a variety of antioxidants (berry complex) revitalizes exhausted skin. Betaine and Trehalose provide a natural moisturizing effect and maintain the skin's moisture barrier while improving moisture retention.


I couldn't read Korean but in case you can, I hope you can translate these for me. :)


The sleeping mask is enclosed in an easy-to-squeeze tube and has a yellow and orange theme. Everything looks playful even the design so I think it's a cute touch to the vanity. I love how slim and small it is that I can easily bring it with me wherever I go. The tiny hole up there is very useful as I can easily control the amount to dispense and the angled surface makes it easy to apply the gloss straight to the lips.


I love the sweet berry scent so much and I'm sure you will too. The texture, formulation and color reminds me of honey which makes it more fun to apply. This lip sleeping mask has a rich consistency and is gel-textured that you won't doubt its power to moisturize the lips. It's even thicker than my LANEIGE SPECIAL CARE LIP SLEEPING MASK and it adheres to the skin so well that it can last you the entire day even when you drink and eat several times. You might want to be careful not to accidentally wipe your lips, with maybe your hands, because it's so sticky that it's uncomfortable.


This has got to be the thickest formulated lip treatment I've ever tried. I am usually not a fan of thick, sticky skincare products (oily skin problems) but I'm always forgiving when it comes to lip products. I want it to be so thick and rich that it would last through eating and drinking and will give me intense moisture. Thanks to Prreti for inventing this!

Even when the product has been completely wiped off, my lips still feel so supple and hydrated. It just means that my skin absorbs this product easily despite its thick formulation. I like how it soothes my dry, chapped lips overnight, smooths out rough texture and prep my lips for tomorrow's makeup. This is indeed perfect to bring and apply anywhere and anytime you need glowy and plump lips. You can even layer it on top of your usual lipstick for the sexy, glossy puckers.

According to Althea, Prreti uses only the healthy ingredients like Acacia Honey which is known as the queen of honey for its delicate scent and luxurious flavor. It is also loaded with vitamins that enhances the skin's elasticity. It also has Berry Mix Complex (total of 7 berry extracts) that are rich in Vitamin C and is beneficial to the skin. So much for a 118-peso product!


This is probably one of my best finds in Althea Korea. I'm glad I've found something much more delish to substitute my Petroleum Jelly with. I'll surely hoard more especially when it gets cold!

Does Prreti Honey & Berry Lip Sleeping Mask interest you?


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