Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Purbasari Lulur Mandi Bengkoang Whitening Body Scrub Review

Purbasari Lulur Mandi Bengkoang Whitening Body Scrub
Bought for: P85/125g
Bought from: The SM Store

I am such an avid user of cream-based body scrubs. I make sure I never run out because commuting makes my skin rough, clogged and dirty all the time and body scrubs are effective in smoothing away all impurities and restoring bright and soft skin. Recently, Shopee gave out P200 worth of voucher for every P500 purchase made through The SM Store official shop so I shopped some goodies that I know I'll be using. Purbasari Lulur Mandi Bengkoang Whitening Body Scrub is one of those I carted.


Step up your routine and incorporate this shower scrub once a week. It sloughs away dead skin cells to regenerate new ones, leaving your skin smooth, healthy and glowing. It contains Bengkoang as natural lightening. Bengkoang contain lots of water content, so it will provide benefits for consumption. Vitamin C in yam will make the skin healthier. May prevent premature aging and look brighter. Combination of yam bean extract and whitening extracts for a fairer and healthier skin.


Scrub is housed in a plastic tub packaging and has all necessary information like claims, and ingredients as well as the expiration date which is printed on the bottom part. The packaging is very simple and this is what I expect from cream-based body scrubs as you can easily scoop up a generous amount to apply to the body. I hope it comes in a smaller packaging as it's not even full to the brim and yet it's bulky.



The product has a clean scent which isn't bothersome at all. It has a creamy texture to it and is infused with fine synthetic scrubs. I am trying to refrain myself from using synthetic scrubs as they pollute the water system and it makes me feel heartless for doing so but I guess every once in a while, I have to. I like that the scrubs are fine and non-scratchy but are abrasive enough to slough away dead skin cells and rough patches on the skin. It has a smooth consistency that blends easily when applied. One thing I noticed though is that you have to apply a generous amount on your body so you can exfoliate well which is why I think it's not as cost-efficient as when you opt for salt scrubs. One jar lasted me only about five uses which isn't bad at all considering that I only use it once a week.


I like how this scrub is able to smoothen and brighten the skin in just one use. You don't have to use it often to satisfy yourself with the result. Every time I use this, my lotion gets absorbed more easily and my skin just feel like baby's butt. The addition of Bengkoang Extract (turnip) is a lovely touch because it's known for its whitening benefits but a few uses won't make a huge difference and we all know that. I didn't get a tone lighter by just consuming one tub but having radiant, healthy skin is already enough for me.

This scrub doesn't feel tightening nor drying, thanks for being cream-based. If you are looking for an affordable and effective body scrub to deep-clean the skin and get rid of scaly layers, I recommend you try this Purbasari Lulur Mandi Bengkoang Whitening Body Scrub. The cream's very consistent and the texture will pamper your skin even while you're just at home. Let me know what you think of this product by commenting down below! Happy blogging!


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