Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Snail White Namu Facial Jelly Wash Review

Snail White Namu Facial Jelly Wash
Bought for: P295/100ml
Bought from: The SM Store

I've always been curious with Snail White and it started when Kris Aquino herself raved about its soap and her video went viral. I tried the SNAIL WHITE WHIPP SOAP then later on decided to try the facial wash in the hope of getting a fairer, clearer complexion. I am not into using bars for my face as the best option for me would be those in liquid forms so I'm glad I got this Snail White Namu Facial Jelly Wash which I'll be reviewing in a short while.


A gentle clarifying facial wash perfect for everyday use. Enriched with natural extracts like Opuntia Ficus-indica. Its unique jelly texture forms the perfect lather and refreshes your skin for a healthy skin. This facial wash thoroughly cleanses the skin and removes excess oil and impurities and it also unclogs pores without over-drying skin.


It comes in a typical tube type of packaging that is very easy to use and bring anywhere I like. Information like claims, ingredients and expiry date are printed in clear form. It's also completely wrapped in plastic and aluminum seal so you're assured of its hygienic use. Genuine Snail White products has the authenticity seal attached to the body so if you don't see that, you're probable lured into buying a counterfeit product.



It comes in a clear gel-type formulation and it lathers so well when applied to the skin. It has a really playful texture that's soft and bouncy and it reminds of the gel you put onto the hair, like literally. Scent is subtle, nothing strong or off-putting. This facial wash is very easy to rinse of and doesn't leave a slimy texture.


It claims to have Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem Extract which sounds alien to me. I did a quick research about it and I've found out that it's a firming and hydrating ingredient and is also rich in other Vitamins A-C that's mainly used for anti-aging and cell-protecting products. I appreciate that it thoroughly cleanses the skin but I have to say that it's a bit drying on the skin. It's the product  working to tighten the pores but I'm not really into tightening ingredients as it felt drying and uncomfortable. It makes me want to lather heavy moisturizer afterwards and then at midday, my skin would look like a grease ball. So nope, not hydrating at all.

What I like about this product is that it effectively brightens the overall complexion instantly and gets rids of impurities from the skin. It wasn't able to lighten my scars or blemishes significantly after a month but for a cleanser, it does its job well as part of the basic skincare.

I recommend this to anyone who's finding a safe facial wash that deeply cleanses the skin without the sting. I did not break out from using this product so that is already safe to say it's suitable for my oily skin. I don't think I'm going to repurchase any sooner though as I still have a lot of facial wash waiting in my stash and there's more affordable products in the market that does the same job.

Let me know what you think of Snail White Namu Facial Jelly Wash by commenting down below. Happy blogging!


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