Tuesday, December 11, 2018

STYLEKOREAN.COM: Shop Review and Haul

This haul wasn't intentional but a lot of beauty enthusiasts I follow post Instagram stories about the new Style Korean Stay Rich Box. I was really planning to hold back except I spotted the only Sulwhasoo product in the collection. It was an eye cream and I'm a sucker for samples! I've been meaning to get an eye cream because my eyes has been looking so tired and puffy lately that it screams for a good moisturizer. I know there's too much items in the collection that are way more interesting like the popular Rovectin Cica Care Balm in full-size tube but Sulwhasoo is a brand I've been wishing to try for the longest time. I guess the expensive price tags keep me from purchasing so I was really happy that it's included in the K-beauty Box #7.

Anyway, let's talk about my haul!



This is a K-beauty box that originally amounts to $99.9 or about P5,159 as claimed. I wasn't really convinced with the posted savings on the website (save about P4,638) as I think it's a bit exaggerated considering there's only one full-sized product included plus two sheet masks and the rest are in deluxe sizes. You can buy them individually for a much cheaper price on other online shops. Anyway, I'm still happy because it's like I'm only paying for the eye cream and the rest are freebies. I got myself three sets just because.

What's included?

Huxley Glow and Brightness Mask
Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner (30ml)
Son & Park Beauty Water (30ml)
Benton Snail Bee High Content Essence (15ml)
Sulwhasoo Essential Rejuvenating Eye Cream mini
Jumiso Whoa Whoa Soothing Mask
Rovecting Cica Care Balm (40 ml full size)
COSRX Low pH First Cleansing Milk Gel (20ml)
StyleKorean Pouch

PRICE: $11.11/EA

These are included in the time deal last November 29 and I checked the price and they are normally being sold for P1000-P2000 depends on the retailer. I once saw the Cica Grow Cream being raved by a beauty enthusiast I follow on IG so I gave it a go.

PRICE: $9.99

Moonshot is famous for their cushions so when they went on a time deal last November 30, I couldn't resist and bought them right away. I remember the very first time when I finally made up my mind and then within a few minutes, they were all sold out. I got three cushions but I wasn't able to take a picture of the third one because I left it somewhere in my work pouch. These are normally priced at P1000-P1,500 per cushion.


I am currently learning how to line the eyes and brown liners are perfect for subtle looks so I think this will come handy at some point.


I got total of 3 boxes so I got three sachets of Huxley products.

I didn't know that I have also won in one of their Try Me, Review Me event giveaway so I was really surprised when I received two boxes at the same time (second box ordered + prices). One box includes the free items from the brand 9 WISHES. I haven't heard of it before but I'm really glad I was introduced to. Style Korean sent their ROSE HYDRATING CAPSULE TREATMENT, HYDRA GLOWING DEEP HYDRATION SERUM, VANISHING BALM AND RICE WATER SHEET MASKS. I believe 9 Wishes belongs to one of Korea's luxury skincare brands as when I checked, prices for each are a little on the expensive range. I have already tried all except the Vanishing Balm and so far, real good. I'm honestly liking them as the formulations are suitable for my oily skin. I am yet to observe for any breakouts or purging in the following days. Just stay tuned for the update!



This is the first time I have purchased from Style Korean and I didn't think it will be so much fun especially when catching items on time deals. There's rarely a coupon code to use in the website but they do offer crazy deals from time to time. Products do drop up to 90% off but you just have to cart fast as your time is limited. The best purchase would still go to the curated boxes because you get to try several products for only P521/$9.99 a set.

Stylekorean.com offers free shipping for purchases amounting to 40 USD which is about a little over P2,000 when converted to Philippine Peso. The amount you have to spend is higher than other shops offer, but you'll prefer it rather than you covering the shipping fee which is unfairly high. It tends to defeat the purpose of the sale. Since I like to make the most out of my money, I'd rather spend more for the items than for the shipping cost.

Whether you are paying for the shipping or not, you will get an expedited door-to-door shipping. Style Korean ships from the Korea but you'll get your parcel in as early as 5 days (in my case). No more custom fees! They also  exert effort to pack your items and ship it within the day and you'll get an e-mail notification once its done. Talk about hassle-free shopping.

As for the payment method, you have options too. I tried paying through Paypal but then I encountered an error message so I opted for the Bank Transfer through the Dragon Pay method. The system easily processed the payment. I was so surprised at how fast it only took for the entire transaction to happen and days after, I was already unboxing my parcels. They were secured with too many bubble wraps and even when they are on sale, they are nowhere near expiration date.

I can't wait to shop again at Stylekorean.com! I'll keep my eyes on their curated boxes. Have you tried shopping from them? What have you got in your haul?


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