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Top 10 K-Beauty Products You Should Get From Althea Korea

I have known and been shopping in Althea Korea since 2016 (from their launching date in the Philippines) and I couldn't believe it's been almost three years already. I've tried and been introduced to so many k-beauty stuff and that means a great deal for someone who loves to speak beauty. I couldn't thank my Althea family enough for helping me grow as a beauty and skincare enthusiast and for the trust they've given me all these years. If you happen to be reading this, I'm sure we're on the same track. I hope I could share and enlighten you what products are worth getting as a treat for yourself this Christmas. I've thought so hard to put up 10 products I honestly swear by (in no particular order) and without further ado, let's dive right onto it!

This is, by far, is the best sleeping mask I have ever tried and I highly recommend it to everyone. It's so lightweight yet very hydrating and it helps reduce acne scars and blemishes with regular use. My skin has never looked so supple before. Click HERE for the full review.

These masks are everything in a skincare. On lazy days, I use either one to cleanse my skin, treat, prime and moisturize and then layer on with a lightweight moisturizer. Who says you can't do an entire routine in just 10 seconds? I've written down my thoughts about these HERE.

I love almost all products that are part of  Jeju Volcanic line and one in particular is this scrub foam. It saves me the hassle of having to use a separate foaming cleanser and a scrub. This cleanser is non-abrasive and I like how it cleanses thoroughly while getting rid of dead skin cells and hanging skin.

If you are looking for a cheap but effective lip sleeping mask, you have to try this from Pretti! The formula is super rich and moisturizing that it adheres to the skin well, repairs your puckers overnight and keeps it hydrated all throughout the day. You may click HERE for the full review.

This mask from Innisfree does a pretty good job in controlling oil production and flattening of existing breakouts. It could be a bit drying as it absorbs excess oil from deep down but it's nothing  good moisturizer can't solve. This is one of the clay masks I've tried that does not clog the pores. You may click HERE for the full review.

I couldn't stress out how in loved I am with Peripera's tints. These have the formulation I'm looking for--velvety, pigmented and non-drying. They smell so delish too! Click HERE for the full review.

This is a very basic makeup essential you have to keep with you at all times. It effectively mattifies the skin instantly while blotting away excess oil from the surface. I haven't blogged about this yet because I accidentally dropped it one time and the powder just went all over the floor. I plan to repurchase in my next Althea visit though. The finish is very similar to INNISFREE NO SEBUM MINERAL POWDER which is loose in texture and is also a favorite of mine.

I understand why a lot of skincare and makeup junkies are impressed with this BB Cream. Though the shade selection is a bit meh, it applies and blends evenly and seems to melt on the skin giving you a dewy, healthy glow. It has a sheer coverage but your skin will look so much better when you have this on. Indeed the best BB Cream I've tried goes to Missha. Full review can be viewed HERE.

I haven't blogged about this yet but so far, these powders are awesome! They come in travel-friendly jars that I can use and bring conveniently wherever I go. It originally comes in two shades: Beige and Translucent. Both are useful in whatever makeup you are sporting for the day. Try the beige one for a little bit extra coverage and Translucent for that mattified skin and makeup that stays in place!

I haven't tried this brush set yet but being the makeup brush junkie I'll always be, it's impossible for me not to take interest in trying out these mini brushes from Coringco. I've read reviews about these and there are plenty of positives. I've been planning to get this for the longest time and maybe I'll make my dream come true the next time I'll do a round of shopping in Althea. This is already in my wish list and cart, all I need is to check out!

That's pretty much everything I'd like you to know and consider if you are planning to do a shopping in ALTHEA KOREA. I know that there's a high possibility that you can find or know something better than what's on my list but I'm confident in writing this blog because these products just work wonders for me. There's too much to discover in Althea and I can't wait to add more products to my holy grails!

Let me know your thoughts by commenting down below! Any recommendations for me which ones to include in my next haul? Thank you! Spread the love. :*

***All photos are grabbed from Althea Korea website


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