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9 Wishes Hydra Skin Ampule Serum Review

9Wishes Hydra Skin Ampule Serum
Bought for: Free | SRP: P1172

I promise to post reviews on the items I won from Style Korean's Try Me Event so here's a third one! I recently wrote down my thoughts on RICE WATER SHEET MASKS and ROSE CAPSULE TREATMENT ESSENCE so you can just click the links to get to the full feature. If you already did, you'll know I was attached to both that I can't even wait to tell you more about this 9Wishes Hydra Skin Ampule Serum which gains our spotlight today. Let's dive right into it, shall we?



Infused with 25,000mg hyaluronic acid to provide intense hydration to skin. Formulated with patented “Hydra Skin” (hyaluronic acid, baobab tree seed extract, and botanical squalene) to keep your skin hydrated.

This product is especially for those with dry skin from lack of sleep. I have oily skin so at first, I was really skeptical with this product. When I finally tried it, it's not as bad and unsuitable as I imagined. I am someone who likes to do stuff and keeps myself busy and most of the time, I'm not getting the sleep my body needs. All those lack of sleep and poor eating habit took its toll on my skin. Even though I am the oily skin type, I try to use products that have the tendency to dry out the skin in moderation and make sure to keep something hydrating in my skin care routine all the time to make up. I truly believe I have this Hydra Skin Ampule Serum for a reason.




It comes in a white cardboard box and has all the information you'll ever need about the product. Inside is a little frosted glass bottle with a silver cap and a dropper. I've come across with so many ampule/serums in the similar packaging but this one feels so special. Probably because it looks so simple but very neat and classy. Upon purchase, you'll see that it has a tiny sticker that seals the product and it tears to two when opened (or you can just simply peel it off in whole).

I like the overall packaging and the dropper just dispenses the right amount of product I need and I can easily control it. The only thing I probably don't like is the white rubber part wherein dirt and dust easily adhere to.


Product does not have any distinguishable scent. It smells like nothing. LITERALLY. So if you are a fan of unscented skincare products, you'll definitely give it a go. I, personally, prefer to use stuff like this because fragrance can sometimes clog the skin or make it dry.


This is a highly concentrated ampule and has a clear, silky texture. It's a little bit runny and is easily blended. Two drops is enough for my whole face and neck and too much isn't necessary. It feels a little bit tacky once freshly applied but it goes away after a minute or two. Patting it with your palms instead of applying in circular motions is better. If you have drier skin, I think you'll need more than two drops.


9 Wishes Hydra Skin Ampule Serum is said to be made of 3 main active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid (skin hydration, mineral supply, and nourishment), Baobab Seed Extract (hydration, nourishment and skin tone improvement), and Phytosqualene (skin vitalization and skin tone improvement). Instead of using purified water, 9Wishes opted for Coconut Water which is known for a lot of skin benefits too. These ingredients works together to make sure that skin won't loss moisture and it would have that soft and glossy look to it.

I have to be honest, this product lives up to my expectations. I appreciate that 9Wishes isn't being to exaggerated with the product's claim and it keeps its promises simple. It does what it's supposed to--moisturizes the skin without being too much that it makes skin greasy by the end of the day. As mentioned in my previous blog, I like to use it together with the ROSE CAPSULE TREATMENT ESSENCE and with religious use, I noticed a big difference on the appearance of my blemishes/pimple scars. They aren't completely gone but with further use, I believe they will be much more lighter than they are.

This ampule is also able to balance and soften my skin and makes it plump and hydrated all throughout the day. This product just complement my skincare and I'm glad it paid off because my skin tone is more even and radiant now.

If you are looking for a gentle ampule/serum that will increase skin's moisture and at the same time, restores your skin's natural glow, you should never miss this. Another underrated K-beauty product that deserves to be on your vanity.


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