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9 Wishes Rose Capsule Treatment Essence Review

9 Wishes Rose Capsule Treatment Essence
Bought for: Free | SRP:  P2064

I've never tried so many Rose-infused products in my life but whenever I do, it works. Which is why I am so thrilled to have won this 9Wishes Rose Capsule Treatment Essence from Style Korean's Try Me Event. It's one of the 4 products I was given and honestly speaking, I'm impressed with all the products I was chosen to review. If you want to know why, please keep on reading after the short break!


Enriched with rose oil and macadamia nuts oil that melts upon applying onto skin to make smoothe and moisturize skin, and calm sensitive skin. Infused with Rosa Damascena flower water to restore skin balance and provide hydration to skin.

9 Wishes Rose Capsule Treatment Essence also claims to maximize the skin's natural night time renewal process with the exclusive 9wishes's oil encapsulation technology. From the product's claim, this is intended and suggested for night time use which I strictly follow as I'd like to use the HYDRA SKIN AMPULE SERUM in the morning. Nonetheless, I still think this will be suitable for AM skincare as it's very lightweight.



This is the very first product I have tried from 9Wishes as looking through it, it has that nice aesthetic and the overall look from the packaging to the product's texture are very pleasing to the eyes. It looks so fancy and I was like, hey, this is just exactly my type! Just like other 9Wishes products, it also has an English translation to the packaging which makes it easier to know what its benefits are. The sleek rose gold cap and glass pump bottle looks so classy and I love that about it. The glass bottle is transparent so you can see the tiny specks of rose inside.


The only gripe I probably have is the fact that it is housed in a non travel-friendly packaging which is a very minor issue as I prefer it to be rather photography-worthy.



It smells like how Rose products do yet it doesn't smell synthetic which I appreciate. Other Rose products has the tendency to have that rather pungent scent. If you don't like floral scent, this may be too much for you.



The essence has a watery consistency and is clear in color with tiny specks of rose. These aren't genuine rose petals though as it instantly melt on the skin upon contact. You won't even need a second to warm it up in order for it to finally melt on the skin. This product contains oils and extracts so I am surprised that this gets absorb so quick without any oily or greasy residue. It dries almost matte which is perfect for someone who has oily skin and large pores. Those with drier skin type may need something more moisturizing.



This product contains Rose (antioxidant and anti-aging), Macadamia Oil (a very lightweight oil that moisturizes, softens and regenerates skin and also an anti-inflammatory), Aloe (known for its skin calming and soothing properties), Jasmine Oil (treats dry skin and evens out the skin tone), Licorice (meant for sensitive, reddened skin because of its skin-soothing properties), Blueberry (rich in antioxidants and Vitamins A and C to treat acne, revitalize, heals and makes skin glowing), Fig (decrease skin melanin, sebum and water loss) and Ginkgo Biloba Nut Extract (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory). With all these active ingredients, this product is an all-in-one treatment.

Despite the presence of oils, I am glad that this essence did not break me out nor clog my pores. I am always cautious with oil-based products given that they have the tendency to clog the pores and apparently, aren't suitable for all skin types. I am glad bad skin reactions in my end never happened. Those who are sensitive from using any products infused with the following ingredients  mentioned may need to be more careful. I would suggest doing a patch test first.

It felt refreshing to apply and with just a few pats, the product is already set leaving my skin feeling a little hydrated. A little because I don't find the hydration enough (and I have oily skin!!!) and it makes me reach out to HYDRA SKIN AMPULE SERUM for an added moisture. It does not sting upon contact, rather, it feels so soothing with the various plant extracts it's made with. On lazy days (which is pretty much everyday) after I cleanse and tone, I would apply about 2-3 pumps of this essence and then I'm off to bed. The next day, I would expect that my skin would look supple, soft and glowing and it never disappoints.

I also noticed that after almost four weeks of religious use, together with the serum, my blemishes and pimple scars especially on my lower cheeks have significantly lightened. It definitely contributed to the overall glow of my skin. Also, my pores are tighter and more balanced.

If you are looking for an effective skin treatment, I would really highly recommended to splurge on this product. Something that wont break me out and makes my scars lightened are big factors I consider when recommending something. This product is a bit pricey though but Style Korean makes it affordable when they go on sale so if you would really like to save more, you better wait for the sale season.

Do let me know if you have questions by sharing it down below! And oh, here's to my first post for 2019! Happy New Year! :*


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