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Beau N Beau Secret 7 Skin Review

Beau N Beau Secret 7 Skin
Bought for: Free | SRP: $15.75 or Php860
From: Charis Celeb

Lately, I've been more particular with my skin care and I find myself doing stuff I was never used to before. Say for example, I'm not a sheet mask type of person, but because I've tried a few amazing masks the past few weeks, it just suddenly grows on me. I've been learning to adopt Korean skincare techiques too like the 7 Skin Method--which basically means layering toner on the skin for up to seven times right after cleansing. I rarely have time to do this but I'm proud to at least do 2-3 applications. Charis sending me a huge tub of Beau N Beau Secret 7 Skin is perfect timing because I can practice this method more.


Skins, also commonly mistaken as "toners" in Korea is used for hydrating, soothing and balancing the skin for a healthier complexion. It is the first step in skincare after cleansing. In fact, layering them multiple times can be as good and as sufficient as your traditional moisturizers which means saving you both money and steps in your skin care regimen. Beau N Beau Secret 7 Skin claims to be a very moisturizing skin suitable for all skin types that provides vitality as well as improve the skin's texture and gives balance to it. This is perfect for those who have dry, dull and fuzzy skin and those who are suffering from sensitive, wrinkled skin and cakey makeups.

This product has no alcohol, physical or chemical exfoliants such as AHA and BHA so any possible irritation will never occur. There's also zero hazardous substances like artificial coloring, flavoring, silicone, ethanol or paraben. It contains just natural ingredients to alleviate skin troubles such as Lotus Flower (helps skin maintain moisture and brightness), Green Tea (manages to return healthy skin that has been sensitized by external stress), Bamboo (cleanses skin by adjusting the skin balance), Aloe Vera (soothes irritated skin conditions and return them to healthy, vibrant skin) and Portulaca Extract (helps calm skin and reduce external stimulation that it is being used for medical ointments). 

Moreover, it contains Panthenol (strengthens skin barrier through its calming effect and helps manage skin conditioning) and Hyaluronic Acid (which attracts surrounding moisture and is known as a natural humectant).


Packaging looks very chic with that pink and white theme. There's also a silver seal attached to the nozzle inlet so you know it's safe and fresh when it gets to you.


I kind of dislike the scent of this product. It's not very strong and overwhelming but it smells like chemicals (though the ingredient list is very safe).


You are mistaken if you think you are suppose to use this product seven times all the time. You can start slowly from 2-3 times then gradually increase to full amount depends on your skin condition and other factors like possibly weather. Personally, when it's super warm, I would prefer a lighter layer so my skin can still breathe underneath. During cold days, my skin tend to feel taut and dry so I increase application from three to full amount.

You can apply this product with a cotton pad right after cleansing to get rid of remaining dirt and oil from the skin. On succeeding applications, you just have to splash a generous amount to your palms and apply it to your face and neck in tap-tap motion. Again, depends on your skin type and comfort, apply as many layer as you can. I rarely get to seven layers because I have oily skin and it can't handle too much moisture. If I do, it would be during sleeping time when I can let my skin be.

You can also soak a cotton pad or a compressed sheet mask and let it stay for a few minutes on the skin so it will absorb the moisture. I rarely do this too because I don't like wasting cotton pads lol--if that's enough reason. The best technique would be decanting some to a clean, empty spritz container and use as a mist. After cleansing, I don't do my face right away so what I usually do is to spritz a generous amount onto my skin to retain moisture, let it be while I do the rest of my body. I also bring the bottle with me to freshen up at work.


The product is clear and has a watery consistency. It's like putting on water on your skin except it's loaded with hydrating ingredients. It dries fast without leaving any sticky or greasy residue, thanks to it's oil-free formulation.


I like this product so much because it keeps my skin balance, hydrated and moist. I feel like I can fake a glass skin with this product. It's true that it keeps skin moist and supple without clogging the pores or cause it to produce more sebum. Using it for weeks, I feel like my skin is calmed down, redness is reduced and skin is finer and firmer. It also makes whatever I put on next get absorb easily on my skin.

Skins and toners have a special place in my heart and they save my skin every time. They save me during lazy days as they clean and hydrate skin even without me proceeding with the rest of my skincare. They also remove remaining dirt that were missed by the usual cleanser. They are very basic product that you ought to have in your stash and this Beau N Beau Secret 7 Skin in particular is something you have to invest on. I highly recommend it whether you have dry, sensitive or oily skin as it's very gentle on the skin (no stinging!) and ingredients are tried and tested. And the best part, it didn't cause me any negative skin reactions!

Does Beau N Beau Secret 7 Skin interest you? Share your comments down below and I'll be happy to talk about it! By the way, if you are looking where you can avail this product plus some more exciting stuff, you can buy it for a discounted price when you visit my Chairs Shop.




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