Tuesday, January 8, 2019

December Giveaway Winner

First of all, my deepest apology for the late announcement of the winner of my DECEMBER 2018 GIVEAWAY. I still would like to thank all of you who's always been there for me (you know who you are, girls). In my own little way, I would like to give back for all the support and love I'm given. Without you, this blog will probably be nothing. I will do my best to be more active and work harder this 2019 for you. Hope you stay tuned for more giveaways and reviews!

***GIVEAWAY TIME*** Christmas is definitely coming. Can you feel it in the air? I've never had a giveaway after the October one...feels like forever... so here’s a loot you might get this Christmas! . Win all the items you see in the pictures below by just (1) Following me @hannapoleng and liking my facebook page // link is on my profile; (2) Sharing down your Christmas wish ONCE through the comment section and; (3) Tagging minimum of 3 friends down below! (Example: This Christmas, all I want is... @friend1 @friend2 @friend3) One entry for every additional tagged friends. That’s it! Mechanic's easy peasy, right? Just a friendly reminder...NO GIVEAWAY ACCOUNTS PLEASE. NO TAGGING OF BLOGGERS AND CELEBRITIES. Unfollowers aren’t allowed to join. 😅 PLEASE MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW THE FORMAT. Winner will be randomly picked sometime in December. Good luck!
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Anyway, I would like to congratulate Ms. @JESSICAANNGAJARDO for winning my little loot. Please send me your shipping details (name, address and contact number) so I can ship the items to you as soon as possible. Please respond within two (2) days by sending me a PM through my instagram account.

***I have the right to choose another winner if chosen winner failed to respond. This is to give way to more active joiners. Thank you a bunch!


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