Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Fashion Trends To Look Forward To in 2019

The New Year means new beginnings and new trends. Be the first to know the newest fashion trends. SM offers a 2019 fashion forecast and useful tips to help up your style game. 

Here are the top fashion trends for 2019: 

Shine with bright, bold colors. Add a punch of color to your wardrobe with coral, the Pantone color of the year. Lurid blue, yellow and red are also expected to reign supreme this year, as well as muddy brown and electric green. Match the bright colors with near-neutrals like beige for maximum impact.

Embrace coral, the Pantone color of the year, and pair it with bright, bold red for luck in the New Year.

Stay on trend with a buttoned down dress.

Bring on the ruffles…lots and lots of ’em.
These fabulous frocks are expected to dominate everything from casual to formal wear this year. It is the new fashion statement for women who want to make an entrance without showing too much skin.

Mix and match bright colors with neutrals

Experiment with scarves. Scarves can go a long way to inject fun changes to your every day look. They are versatile enough to be worn as a headscarf or around the neck with a bow. Consider playing with different materials and investing in a silk scarf for a more luxurious feel.

Make a statement in red and top off the look with a headscarf.

Walk on the wild side with safari fashion. To pull off this 2019 trend, treat every day like you’re going on an African safari. That means sporty silhouettes, shirt dresses, shorts, and capris. 

Keep cool with safari-inspired fashion and a headscarf.

Oversized suits and boyfriend clothes are here to stay. Overhaul your office wardrobe with oversized suits and jackets. Own the room with these suits that preserve comfort and exude power.

Keep your outfit bright with lurid blue.

Combine fashion trends with an oversized jacket, safari-inspired fashion and vibrant colors.


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