Thursday, January 3, 2019

Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives Tapered Powder Brush Review

Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives Tapered Powder
Bought for: P109 | SRP: P550
Bought from: Beautymnl

I have already tried the PRO STUDIO BEAUTY EXCLUSIVES PRO BUFFING BRUSH which is a hit and miss for me. This time I'll be sharing a quick review on the Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives Tapered Powder Brush.

I got bought during the 11.11 sale of Beautymnl where prices drop to P109 a piece. I saved so much considering that each originally costs P550. That's even less than a quarter of the original price.  Despite the sale price, I am still having doubts with this makeup brush. Keep on reading to know why!


A multi-tasking brush that precisely applies all types of powder products. Soft, dense, tapered bristles perfectly highlights, contours, or adds color to skin; slightly pointed tip lets you lightly apply product with precision; comes in a black handle with silver ferrule for a classic look. It is perfect for bridge of nose, cheekbones, and jawline.


It has a very basic look--silver ferrule, matte black wooden handle. Nothing fancy at all. There's every room for improvement on the packaging. I hope they could put some printed letter or numbers on the bottom of the handle to let people know what it is or what it's for. That would be very helpful for someone who's new to makeup. Also, I find that the synthetic bristles are super soft and dense though the opening of the ferrule is too big that you'll see spaces when you try sweep the brush across your face. That makes the packaging look cheap. It seems like it does not hold the bristles strongly together and that they would fall off anytime soon. Good thing, I didn't encounter any shedding with about two months of use.


The synthetic bristles are super dense and soft that it layers powder formula very easily. I can use it for a lot of purpose such as putting highlighter on upper cheeks, dusting powder all over the face and most especially applying powder on my under eyes for baking. I like that it's tapered and quite big so it can go through the nooks and crannies of the face and at the same time, can cover large areas and gets the job done faster. It doesn't feel scratchy on the skin too so I like to use it for powder formulas. The only gripe I have would be the overall packaging. I will probably repurchase only if it's on sale. Still would recommend this is you are looking for an affordable yet soft bristed brushes.


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