Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Sample Room Turns 6 + Holiday Picks

Last December, Sample Room just turned 6 and I am so happy for them. They are an online sampling site wherein you can get items for free with the points that you can either earn from rating and reviewing availed items or purchase as VIP points. I follow them on Instagram and even had notifications turned on because I don't want to miss out on the stuff they stock up on their website. Most of the items that they have are something I haven't tried out yet or new in the market so I can get first dibs on what's trending.

Last December, as they turned 6, it was like a double celebration because it's a holiday season and they released batches of new stuff and there were Happy Skin products. Happy Skin has been on my radar and I've always wanted to buy anything from them but they are a little over my budget so I keep backing off. I was lucky to be able to snag a few of the brand's awesome products during the last day of SR's celebration. I'm glad I didn't cave in for the first few batches and saved my points for the last lol. Anyway, here are the items I got!

Happy Skin Yes, I Dew! Fresh Glow Highlighter Pen (Pearl)
Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Liquid Matte Lippie (Hot Stuff)
Happy Skin Glisten Up! Precision Contour Cheek Stick (Taupe)

Happy Skin x KC Express Gel Polish in Power
Happy Skin x KC Express Gel Polish in Beauty

Simple Kind to Skin De-Stress Sheet Mask

Head N' Shoulders Shampoo

Sample Room was also kind enough to give this as a freebie. Perfect because we're already running out of this shampoo. So...there you have it! You'll probably see me reviewing these stuff in a separate blog post soon so stay tuned. :*


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