Tuesday, January 29, 2019

What To Love About Face Republic | Haul and First Impression

I remember encountering Face Republic products on a popular e-commerce site. They are everywhere and what made me itchy to try their products is the fact that their products are within my budget range. What makes them unique, for me, is the fact they they sell their products in sample packs/sachets so consumers can get a good impression first before committing to buy the full-size ones. Not all Korean beauty brand comes up with this option.

A little about Face Republic though (thanks to Calyxta), it's actually a local brand that was conceptualized here in the Philippines but products are manufactured from Korea. So is it not awesome to indulge in Korean skincare that are exclusively made to be suitable for Filipina skin types? Enough of the introduction and let's get on to our first impression review with their skin care and makeup products!

SACHET: P23 (5ML) | FULL-SIZE: P399 (100ML)

This is a foaming cleanser that has exfoliating red beads I'm not really sure what's made of. They melt once you massage the cleanser on the skin. Despite the foamy lather, this cleanser is not at all drying but is able to leave skin squeaky clean. I can still see some dewiness on my skin afterwards unlike other cleansers that leave skin looking flat matte. The scent is soapy and I have no problem with that. The gold on it seems to brighten the skin, makes it vibrant and at the same time, keeps oil at bay.

A little of the product goes a long way so a sachet will definitely last you probably a week or so. It rivals the whitening cream which is by far, my most favorite among all the Face Republic products I have tried.

SACHET: P26 (2ML) | FULL-SIZE: P499 (30ML)

So here goes what I am just talking about before the short breaks. After trying out these products, I know it in my heart that I'll be bias when talking about which Face Republic product is the best. This Crystal Glow Whitening Cream has the formulation I am looking for in a day cream--luxurious and light. I love it from the first use.

The cream is opaque white in color and has a very light, whipped-like texture. It' feels so good to apply on the skin and blends well without the dreaded white cast. I love the fact that it instantly hydrates and brighten the skin all the while revealing a glass-like complexion.

Using it for about two weeks (consumed two sachets), my skin did not break out or got irritated. I think I need to use it for more weeks to notice whether it's able to lighten the skin permanently.

SACHET: P20 (2ML) | FULL-SIZE: P499 (50ML)

This is probably the third in my list. I appreciate the fact that it's loaded with a whopping amount sun protection that is more than decent enough for daily use. Face Republic Super Screen Sun Gel is a very lightweight gel-type sunblock that is also very easy to blend without the white cast. I just don't think I can use it together with the Crystal Glow Whitening Cream as it makes prior skincare patchy and flaky. It's best to be used on its own and during the days when you don't want to apply makeup and is just running a quick errand outdoors.

The formula is a bit inconsistent but I like that it's lightweight on the skin and doesn't reek of usual sunscreen scent. I just don't think I can comfortably use it with any other products as it makes my skin oily faster than usual. Use it on its own to enjoy further its antibacterial benefit with the Eucalyptus Leaf Extract.

SACHET: P29 (1.5ML) | FULL-SIZE: P599 (40ML)

This is probably my least favorite. This is a face perfecting balm that claims to provide a natural-looking coverage but I have some issues both with its formulation and shade. As you can tell from the swatch below, it has a very creamy consistency which I probably would like had not because of the strong pink undertone. Those who have yellow skin tones may find it awkward to use as it would tend to give a grayish, ghostly finish. Not really a believer of its tone adapting technology as I had tried it three times and I just had to stop using because it does not really matches my skin tone. I would consider it if Face Republic would come up with a shade that has a yellow undertone.

On the other hand, I appreciate the natural coverage and the fresh, healthy glow it gives. It provides both coverage and skincare benefits with Arbutin and Adenosine known to brighten and improve skin texture.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to give me a comment down below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible! What Face Republic product do you love the most?


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