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9Wishes Vanishing Balm Ultimate Tone-up Cream Review

9Wishes Vanishing Balm Ultimate
Bought for: Free | SRP: $47.52 (P2,476)
From: Style Korean

We’ve lost internet connection for the past few days so I can’t really blog as much as I’ve wanted. Here I find myself drafting and editing photographs, so you’ll know that I’m still working on the background. I know babbling like this won’t make any sense because by the time you read this, connection has been fixed. Anyway, let’s start with today’s skincare review about 9 Wishes Vanishing Balm Ultimate Tone-up Cream I got from!


This advance multitasking complexion enhancer brightens skin tone instantly while minimizing the appearance of fine lines and pores. An antioxidant rich formula provides exceptional hydration, leaving skin smooth and healthy all day long.

This product has Jojoba Seed Oil (has anti-inflammatory, skin repair and damage control properties), Licorice Root Extract (has antioxidants that aids discoloration and works to balance oil), Black Cohosh Root Extract (has antimicrobial and antioxidants properties, also a humectant and act to condition and protect skin) , He Shou Wu or Fo-Ti Extract (skin healing and protection), Sesame Seed Extract (antibacterial, skin repair, moisture booster, natural sunscreen and a nutrient source), Meshima Mushroom Extract (has intense antioxidant properties perfect for aging and sensitive skin), Angelica Gigas Root Extract (has significant anti-aging and skin detoxifying properties), White Mulberry Bark Extract (has antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and antibacterial components for fresh, youthful skin), Peony Flower Root Extract (skin-depigmenting), Mallow Extract (mild and ideal for sensitive skin and has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties), Baikal Skullcap Extract (soothing and treatment of skin problems and infections), Glutathione (whitening), Umbrella Pine Root Extract (enhances moisture retention, softens, soothes and calms skin) Allantoin (moisturizing an non-irritating), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Powder (has soothing properties). 


I usually apply the cream every morning as my last step in skincare. A single pump is enough for the whole face and neck area.


The product comes with a white box and the information are printed in gray/silver fonts. The tone-up cream comes in an opaque white tube with a transparent cap and a silver pump for easy dispensing of product. Overall, I love the simple yet clean-looking and very informative packaging. It displays all necessary information about the product such as ingredients, direction for use, claims and expiry date—all in crisp font style.


Milky white in color and light in texture, this cream blends so easily on the skin without any dreaded white casts other tone-up creams impart. A little goes a long way and I also like the fact that it doesn’t cling to dry patches of the face and doesn’t look streaky at all. Despite the semi-matte finish (when used alone), it gives thorough hydration without any stickiness or discomfort. It’s a day cream that you can opt to wear alone or top off with makeup without contributing to cakiness or patchiness.


I would say that this is also a favorite of mine from 9Wishes. I’ve tried a few products from this independent brand (thanks to Style Korean) and all of which are highly recommended by me. This is one underrated product that I truly love and been continuously using for the past weeks. I like how it tones down redness and brightens my complexion without looking pale or ghostly. I’ve always been looking for a tone-up cream that won’t look awkward on skin with yellow undertone and the quest has finally ended. 

Despite the loads of oils and extracts mentioned above, I’m glad it didn’t irritate my skin nor break me out. I also noticed that it has Titanium Dioxide which has been used for sunblocks so despite being discreet, I’m glad to know that it’s adding up to my daily sun protection. I just hope 9Wishes could tell how strong the sun protection is. It also has Glutathione (in small concentration though) so this is great for those who would like to maintain light skin.

Using it in conjunction with other skincare products, I noticed some blemishes have lightened a bit so I know further use can make a huge difference. Long story short, I’ve found a brightening cream that suits someone like me who has oily skin and has scars to lighten.

Does 9Wishes Vanishing Balm Ultimate Tone-up Cream interest you? Let me know your thoughts down below! Happy blogging!


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