Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Makeup Tutorial For The Love Month With Althea Korea's Color Makeups

I can’t believe Althea’s come up with several color makeups for the first quarter of the year and it’s my definition of perfect timing as it’s February which means love month! I know boyfriends think we’re still pretty—bare face or not—but for special days like this, we can always surprise them by going a little bit SPARKLY. Right, it’s past Valentines but allow me to share with you a makeup tutorial I did last February 14. I posted a picture of me with a bouquet and some of you asked what makeups I had on. You’ll know more about them if you keep on reading! ;)

So first thing is to keep your face clean and well-prepped. Do your usual skincare then proceed with the makeup base. On the picture below, I already set my face with a primer and foundation. The key to flawless finish is to properly blend with a trusted makeup tool.

I have slightly dark under eyes so Althea Korea Flawless Creamy Concealer will come very handy. Using the second to the lightest shade, Ginger, apply it in a triangular shape on your under eyes, forehead, bridge of the nose and chin area to highlight those parts and conceal peeking blemishes. I use the third shade, Honey, to cover some minor blemishes on other parts of the face. If you have lighter skin, Mocha will be an appropriate contour shade.

Do your brows and set your face with a translucent powder. I’ve used Althea Korea Petal Velvet Translucent Powder to control oil.


Let’s proceed to the eyes which is the very part that will consume most of our time. You have the option to apply eye primer if you have excessively oily lids. I skipped this part and then proceed to warm up my lids using the #2 (matte beige) eye shadow in the Althea Korea X BCL Sunrise and Moonrise Eye Palette. Use a blending brush to diffuse the color.

This palette is very easy to work with even as an amateur as shadows are pretty blendable and very versatile.

Grab a bullet brush and swipe it to the shadow #6 (shimmery burgundy) and focus on your outer crease and blend inwards. Using another blending brush, you can use shadow #8 (shimmery plum) to deepen the crease.

With a shading brush, use shadow #7 (shimmery pink) to highlight the middle part of the lids. You can add some sparks and accentuate the eyes by adding a glittery touch using the shadow #3 (glittery pink) and highlight the brow bone with shadow #1 (shimmery white).

I like my eyes to be more sparkly so I use a little bit of the SpotlightEye Glitter in #2 Pink Light on the lower lash line and along tear ducts.

Finish your eyes with some waterproof eyeliner and mascara.


In this tutorial, I use Althea Korea Watercolor Cream Tint in #3 Peach Cream as my blush. I blend it with a small duo fiber brush to diffuse the color and give it a subtle flush look. Don’t over apply because these are highly pigmented tints and a little goes a long way. You can add some highlighter on the highest parts of your face to finish the overall look.

Since I already made my eyes sparkly, I opted for a muted matte color for my lips. You can also use the least bold Watercolor Cream Tint (#3 Peach Cream) to color the pucker if you are after a more youthful vibe.

Here's the finish look! I enjoyed playing with the new Althea Korea Color Makeups and will surely mix and match to wear for the next occasion to come! I will be reviewing each products so make sure to stay tuned. Let me know if you recreate the look!

By the way, you can grab all these Althea exclusives by shopping through Can't wait to hear your thoughts! :D


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