Thursday, February 7, 2019

Luxie Beauty: Shop Review and Haul

Here's another shop review! This time it's from Luxie Beauty, a US-based beauty brand that's also popular for their chic makeup brushes. Fine, you're probably wondering what I'll do with all these brushes but I couldn't just help it! I like to see them placed neatly in acrylic jars, displayed on the vanity area. I don't know why but they just make me happy. I'm sure you know the feeling whenever you see something and they just bring joy to your heart without you knowing why. Hugot much? Kidding! Anyway, onto the review!


The website looks really feminine and chic. It's user-friendly too. You have the option to sign up to save your shipping and billing address and other personal information. You also have the option to subscribe to their mailing list, which I highly suggest, so you'll get first dibs whenever they are having sale offers. I love the fact that Luxie Beauty has rewards program wherein you can earn two points for every dollar you spend. Those points are reusable as credits that you can use the next time you shop at the website.


Processing of orders are swifter than Sedona Lace can but still a little longer than expected due to the volume of orders that they received. I placed my first order 11/22/2018 and they had it shipped after three days or exactly on 11/25/2018. Second order was placed 11/27/2018 and was shipped 12/03/2018. Shipping Cart warehouse received the parcel 12/04/2018 and 12/08/2018 consecutively. That's more or less a week's time which isn't bad at all.

There's a reason why I placed two orders, one is during Black Friday, one is during Cyber Monday. Black Friday's deal was at 50% off the entire website, Cyber's Monday at 60% off. I don't want to make a fuss about it but I felt like I was deceived. I was happy to snag some items at 50% off but suddenly felt disappointed when I could have gotten them at 60% off had I waited a bit more. There was no time to cancel because all orders were already shipped before they started the 60% off sale. Id didn't get it why Luxie Beauty had done this. Either way, I still saved a lot.


I bought a total of three sets: Luxie Rose Gold Kabuki Brush Set ($54), Luxie Rose Gold 12-Piece Makeup Brush Set ($110) and Luxie Dreamcatcher Makeup Brush Set ($150). I also got two individual brushes: Luxie 520 Tapered Face Rose Gold ($24) and Luxie 518 Large Powder Rose Gold ($24). I like the fact that the brush sets comes with sturdy boxes and brush cup holders that I can bring for travels. The brushes are individually wrapped in plastic, some has brush guards to ensure that bristles don't flare out and lose shape.

I love the quality of the brushes. They are dense and soft and I'm in loved with both their face and eye brushes. I see a few hairs sticking out on selected brushes so I'm yet to see whether or not they'll continue to shed even after several uses and washes. I can tell though that they will last a long time.

Overall, I'm quite happy with my Luxie Beauty shopping experience from browsing to receiving the haul. I kept on thinking about their marketing though but this is a lesson learned for me. I'll make sure to shop during when sales are on full blast. Let me know what are your favorites from Luxie Beauty!


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