Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Shopping From U.S. Websites With Shipping Cart

This is the first time that I’ve used Shipping Cart as I’ve always opted for My Shopping Box. It’s scary to try something at first but I think it’s always worth the risk. During the Black Friday Sale, I know I will be buying some stuff from different U.S. websites so I wanted to use a third party courier that will consolidate my orders into one shipping. I think Shipping Cart is both convenient and scary because you receive all the items you purchase all at the same time and in one parcel and scary because they all can get lost in transit. The latter did not happen thankfully. Let me share with you how you can use Shipping Cart.

First, you have to create an account. You have an option to sign in with your own chosen credentials or sign in using your Facebook account. I opted for the former. You will be assigned a U.S. and U.K. shipping addresses right away. You’ll have to use the address given whenever you make purchases on US/UK websites. Merchants will deliver the purchased items on these addresses for consolidation before Shipping Cart ships everything in the Philippines. The reason why I utilized Shipping Cart is because most overseas websites that offer international shipping charge a lot more. Parcels would end up in the customs, you’ll have to personally pick the parcels up and pay more for custom duties and taxes. With third party couriers like Shipping Cart, they take care of everything for you.

Shop at any of your chosen US/UK websites. Shop and cart like you normally use to and have them delivered to your assigned address. Once Shipping Cart receive the items in their warehouse, you will receive a notification that a parcel has been accepted (check sample e-mail confirmation). It will be measured and will be processed for dimensioning to determine how much it would cost you. Shipping fee will be based on Chargeable Weight X Rate + Fixed Transaction Fee + Insurance fee (if any). Shipping Cart will let you know via e-mail once the received parcel is ready for shipping (check sample e-mail confirmation). It includes package details and link to your cart as well as photos of all the items you bought.

Pay for the shipping. After you receive all the parcels, just tick on the boxes of whichever you’d like to consolidate into one shipping, and shipping fee will be displayed at the bottom. That’s all you have to pay—no hidden charges at all. You have the option to ship through air (more expensive and is faster) or sea cargo (more practical though shipping takes about 45-60 days with possible delays). I opted for sea cargo because it saves me about 30-40% of air cargo fees. It takes more days but I’m patient any way. You will have an option to apply a discount, I’ve tried to apply one but whenever I pay, my payment kept on getting rejected. 

Wait for your parcel to arrive. After you paid for the fees, Shipping Cart will pack everything into one box and will let you know once the parcel is on its way to the Philippines. They will provide a tracking number and estimation for delivery. As you can see, my parcel was shipped from the warehouse in 12/21/2018 and was estimated to be delivered at 02/01/19. There was a delay so I received mine on 02/07/19. That was a week later than I expected. Check what exactly transpired. 

Unboxing. All the items were in great shape upon arrival. There were little to no bubble wraps inside which is fine with me as I know that a little more space would cost me more. Moreover, the items I got were no fragile so packaging is not an issue. All receipts were tucked inside which I appreciate as I like scanning through them to manage my spending. 


I think Shipping Cart is the best courier to use if you are shipping more than one parcel to your Philippine address because they consolidate your orders and they can store the items for free for 30 days. You have a lot of time to do your shopping. Just like My Shipping Cart, they deliver the parcel straight to your doorstep so that’s one hassle-free service. Tracking is much easier and more updated, I would say. The fact that they take pictures is a unique attribution to the business too. Shipping cart earned my trust and I can wait to utilize their service next time I shop in US/UK websites!


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