Thursday, February 21, 2019

Sigma Beauty Friends and Family Haul

Sharing with you my latest haul from Sigma! There’s so much love I have for this brand that in a span of a year, I already made my fourth haul. I love makeup brushes so much and Sigma always got my back. I feel so grateful and honored that from time to time, they don’t forget to give me a voucher code that anyone would probably hate to go to waste—a 50% discount off entire purchase. I believe they only choose recipients who have previously purchased from their website. I appreciate it because though they let go of the Pink Perks, they still make sure to give something away as a token.

Unlike other previous purchases, I decided to get myself only a few individual brushes I don’t have in my stash just yet—mostly stuff I gave away and later found out how I couldn’t live without. Lol. What really sparked joy in my haul is the fact that transit time was shorter this time. My previous parcels took about 2 months before I get the notification card from the postal office. This time, it was just about a month. It’s indeed very swift for an international transaction considering I didn’t pay for any express or third-party shipping.

Anyway, let's talk about the the haul! Starting with face brushes…

I got myself this F20 Large Powder Brush ($23.80). The brush head is so fluffy and soft, and I remember it not shedding any hair just like most Sigma brushes I own. I also bought an F86 Tapered Kabuki Brush ($17.50) as I gave my previous one away. I missed the tapered head and how it flawlessly applies powder onto my under eyes with ease. Another kabuki brush I own but had to let go before was this F88 Flat Angled Kabuki Brush ($17.50)  as the flat top one does a better job in applying and blending foundation. I just think it will be very useful when applying foundation onto hard to reach areas like under the eyes and sides of the nose. I like to use it when applying powder products too.

What I am most excited to try is the newest addition to Sigma’s Face Brushes—F80 Air Flat Kabuki ($25). I am not a fan of duo fiber brushes because they are too flimsy in my opinion and does not blend product well. I like that the head of F80 is flat and bristles are shorter, so application is more precise. Bristles are set apart but still does its job in diffusing product and give an airbrush finish.

I got four eye brushes—E35 Tapered Blending Brush ($11.90)E37 All Over Blend Brush ($11.90)E39 Buff and Blend Brush ($11.90) and E43 Domed Blending Brush ($11.90). I tend to be very selective when it comes to Sigma’s eye brushes because I find some pokey and irritating to the eyes despite the price tag. I am glad that the brushes I got have dense yet soft bristles and they don’t poke the skin at all.

I got a free product brochure and a Sigmagic Brushampoo Liquid which is bigger now (14ml from the previous 7.5 ml sachets).

That's pretty much everything. I didn’t cart a lot this time because I still have functional Sigma brushes at home but that doesn’t mean I won’t hoard again next time! What’s in your recent haul?


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