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Flatten That Zit Quickly With Althea Korea Spot Film Gel

Althea Korea Spot Film Gel
Bought for: Free | SRP: P240/15ml
From: Althea Korea

I rarely get huge pimples. I mean they do come very often but they are usually in small sizes and in clusters. They are hard to get rid of unless I squeeze and pop them out which isn't something I'm proud to recommend. DO. NOT. POP. YOUR. PIMPLES. Or you'll be left with more problems like scarring and blemishes and more breakouts. Whether you getting pimples because of bad skincare habits  (too much sebum and dead skin cells) or genetic factors, there's always a way out. In my case, I make sure to keep some pimple patches in my stash in case a huge spot appears out of nowhere. See, popping is not your only option!

Today, we're gonna talk about Althea's Spot Film Gel which is something I reach out so often these past few weeks because of my bad skin. As an Althea Angel, I'm given the privilege to get first dibs on Althea exclusives. They gave it to me as an insert when they sent out boxes filled with their new color makeups. So what's in it for us? Keep on reading!


Another spot? Banish it like magic with Althea's Skin Relief Spot Film Gel! This zit-zapping treatment is a revolutionary formula that applies thinly onto the skin before drying down to a smooth canvas, protecting the area and allowing for makeup to be applied on without a trace! It contains tea tree oil to quickly and effectively treat acne, while a mix of Centella and pine leaf extracts calm redness, treating acne while you’re out and about. Say bye-bye to bulky, unsightly pimple patches and hello to flawless skin!


Product comes in a small white and mint cardboard box which is simple but very appealing to the eyes. I like the neat packaging and I would appreciate it more if there's like an English translation of everything that's written on the box. Just thinking about it though, there isn't enough space.

The product comes in a tube and a domed cap and dispenser which is quite unique too. I'm kind of used to the pointed ones, if you know what I mean lol. Checking the expiration date, I can see that it has a lengthy shelf life.


This product is formulated with notable ingredients like Tea Tree Oil (known to treat acne because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties), Centella Asiatica Extract (helps revitalize skin's protective barrier) and Pine Leaf Extract (reduces inflammation and redness and is rich in antioxidants to repair skin). Aside from that, it also has Fig Fruit (great source of enriching vitamins, antioxidants and minerals), Algae (known for its therapeutic benefits and also works to hydrate, soften and detoxifies skin), Eclipta Prostrata (has potent antioxidant and skin-calming properties), Rosemary (protect skin cells from damage and works as a disinfectant) and Sansevieria Trifasciata Extracts (analgesic and antipyretic) as well as Niacinamide (improvement of skin tone), Glycerin (skin moisture booster) and Salicylic Acid (treatment of acne) in good concentrations.


Ensure the area of the skin is clean before application. Gently squeeze to dispense a small amount of product, then apply a thin, even layer onto the targeted area using either your finger or the applicator. Allow to dry completely before proceeding with makeup application. Wipe away any excess product off the applicator before replacing the cap. 


This product smells like glue and has the consistency and texture of such. It has a clear gel texture that's quite sticky and dries down to a translucent patch very quickly. It's also easy and convenient to use as unlike other pimple patches, you can easily customize its thickness and size.

As per claim, this can be applied underneath makeup. You may think that's very smart because the patch can protect the skin from external pollutants and infection. I just don't think I'd use it for that purpose though because the patch easily comes off  just whenever you move your facial muscles. Also, you can't use a buffing brush to apply foundation because it will come off as dead skin. You have to use a sponge in a tap-tap motion to make sure the patch stays in place. Also, you can't use any matte products on top as it can be emphasized as dry skin. There's no problem using it at night because who cares how you look, right?


So I had this huge, painful zit in the middle of my chin which happens very rare. It used to be pinkish red, painful and bulky but after four nights of continuous application, redness subsides and it's barely noticeable anymore. I also think that the product help avoid any scarring that the breakout may have caused. I am using this product whether the zit is tiny or gigantic because this film really flatten them out in no time and provides instant relief with its cooling sensation. It does not dry out breakouts overnight but I like it for it shortens healing faster than usual skincare (without spot-treating) can do.

This has become another favorite of mine and I'm glad Althea Korea made me try it. 15ml tube will surely last me a long time as a little of it goes a long way already. If you are looking for an affordable spot treatment, don't think twice and get this at for only P240. Let me know what you think once you tried it! Happy blogging!


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