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Hello Gorgeous Glowing Peel Gel Review

Hello Gorgeous Glowing Peel Gel
Bought for: Sale price | SRP: P250
Bought from: Hello Gorgeous

I am not really into peeling gels because I have this mentality that the product itself and function is quite deceiving. It makes us think that we're really sloughing away our own dead skin cells but in reality, it's just something about how brands formulate the product to react when it touches our skin. I can be bored at times so I don't mind using something I don't believe in. Exploring and trying out new products, whether promising or not, is part of learning. Little did I know that this peeling gel from Hello Gorgeous would actually impress me.


A skin-refining gel that helps reveal a clearer, radiant complexion. It gently exfoliates with special molecules; works to buff and lift away impurities; firms as it softens, smoothens, and brightens with Glycerin, Aloe Vera Gel and Extract and Vitamin C; leaves your complexion with a healthy glow. It is perfect for revealing newer, younger skin.


Placed a few pump on your palm and apply to freshly cleansed, dry skin. Gently massage onto the face in circular motion. Rinse with water.



The product comes in a typical plastic pump bottle which is hygienic and convenient to use. The font and graphics make it look so cute and unique though. I am really impressed with how Hello Gorgeous designs their packaging. It also contains all necessary information about the product such as claims, directions, ingredients as well as the manufacturing and expiry dates.

I know you might react with the expiry date printed but I bought and use this some time last year. Put it this way: my review is overdue. This is what I dislike about HG products though. Their shelf life is very short and I didn't also appreciate them selling old stocks. I didn't think much about it before because I'm pretty sure I can consume it all before it expires. I was wrong. I couldn't exfoliate everyday so you can only imagine how a bottle is suppose to last for months.

Here's the thing. HG products is good for a year. However, the graphic indicates that it's still good for 12 months after opening. It's quite confusing, don't you think? Unless HG is intentionally over-stocking, it's impossible to sell all bottles in just a month after production. Anyway, this made me think that the product is still safe to use for a few more months as there isn't any significant difference with the texture, scent and performance.


It comes in a clear gel form and doesn't smell of anything fragrant. It sort of becomes watery once applied to clean, dry skin and you will feel your skin kind of turning rough. That's when you start rubbing gently. The overall process is very quick and easy. Rinsing the product won't give you a hard time too.


The photo below is my left wrist where I had some foundation swatches left. I didn't  thoroughly clean/wash my skin prior so I can test its cleansing and exfoliating abilities. It didn't disappoint! Foundation clung to the 'dead skin' and they also act as physical scrubs that deep-cleanse and softens skin. After I rinse it, I feel like my skin is squeaky clean and bright because it absorbed deep-seated dirt and excess oil. I also felt my pores tightening whenever I use it. It's really safe and gentle for exfoliation, even milder and less abrasive than regular face scrubs. Just don't forget to moisturize afterwards. Using it religiously will really make skin clearer and radiant-looking.

If you are looking for good, affordable peeling gels, try this one from Hello Gorgeous! It's only P250 and will surely last you a while!


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