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Current Favorite: Laneige Clear C Advance Effector Ex

Laneige Clear C Advance Effector Ex
Bought for: P1520
Bought from: Althea Korea

Here's a review on an essence I've been loving lately albeit not a product that's new in the market. I've done a quick search about Laneige Clear C Advance Effector Ex and found out that it's been there since like 2014. I got it from Althea Korea during an online sale and I'm just so glad I did. It's a K-beauty product that I wish could stay forever. So what's with this essence and why I feel so excited sharing this to you? Keep reading after the short break!


Perk up dull complexions with a boost of vitamin C! Laneige's Clear C Advanced Effector_Ex is packed with extracts from acerola cherry and acai berries, superfoods that are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C for a bright, healthy complexion. It also contains Melacrusher technology that, when combined with the berries, works 3.5x more effectively than other brightening ingredients. The thing we love most about this product is how great it feels on the skin: it has a watery texture that quickly absorbs in without leaving any stickiness behind.


Superberry Extract - Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C to brighten dull, tired skin 
Niacinamide - Brightens and clarifies the skin 
Neem leaf extract - Has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

So basically, this product is made up of 92.5% Superberry extract (Acerola Cherry and Acai Berries) with four times the anti-oxidizing benefits of Vitamin C and thus prevent skin from oxidizing and reveal a brighter, healthier complexion. I have nothing against Vitamin C but I don't really like the tingling and oxidizing properties of such ingredient. Also, they require careful storage or they will lose their efficacy faster than you know it. It's so good to discover an alternative that's basically around the same price range and works just at par or better than other Vitamin Cs in the market.


Saturate the cotton pad with the product and wipe onto the skin, then gently pat the skin for better absorption. It is recommended to use at least three (3) pumps per use which I strictly follow to hydrate my skin and make up for the loss of moisture after cleansing. Swipe the cotton gently in a upward motion. To get the most out of it, you can forget about the cotton pads and just pump straight to your palms. One pump is enough to moisten the entire face so you can do 'skins' with this depends on the condition of your skin.


It comes in a huge cardboard box and inside were a smaller box that contains several cotton pads and the gorgeous pump bottle. It's tinted pink and is frosted so it has a weight to it. The silver cap is sleek and the pump is working, dispensing a large amount of product in a single pump. The overall packaging is very simple but has a prestige feels to it. You will not see so many information about the product on the outer packaging, so make sure you read the accompanying manual.

I like the uniqueness of the bottle. It even came with a scale so I can track the days I've  used it already and for how many days will it still be good for.


This essence has a subtle fruity scent which I like. It has a watery consistency and dries quickly without any sticky/greasy feeling. Despite that, this product will leave skin hydrated and clean. This is probably the most lightweight essence I have tried ever. And despite the strong anti-oxidant property, it doesn't sting when applied.


I really like everything about Laneige Clear C Advance Effector Ex. It may be a little expensive but it would last for a month and for me, it's definitely worth the splurge. It's able to hydrate my skin as if I don't need to apply moisturizer afterwards. Using it feels like improving the performance of other skincare products I am using it in conjunction with.

I've been breaking out the past couple of months, my skin's texture is worse and there are a lot of blackheads from the different parts of my face. My skin appears dull as well because of all the stress and life issues I'm going through so I sort of neglect skincare. I'm pretty sure it shows because see how less frequent I blog now. It was only recently when I've seen such improvement in my skin's texture and I'm sure Laneige plays a huge part in bringing back my skin's lost glow. I still have bumps all over but they are more manageable now. I just feel like my skin is more supple, softer and healthier now.

I am so glad I discovered another effective product from the Laneige and I'm thinking of repurchasing once I had an extra budget. If you are looking for a product that will effectively rejuvenate the skin and will moisturize in and out, I would definitely suggest this product. It feels very gentle and calming too so I think it will be suitable for all skin types.


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