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Althea Korea Flawless Creamy Concealers Swatches and Review

Althea Korea Flawless Creamy Concealers
Bought for: Free | SRP: P200/6g
From: Althea Korea

If you're able to read the makeup tutorial I did with all of Althea Korea's Color Makeups, you'll notice that I included this creamy concealer as part of my base makeup. I am not someone who religiously incorporate concealers in my makeup routine for some reason but I was tasked to do a one-brand tutorial so I had to. I'm so happy I did because I think I finally found an affordable holy grail concealer that I'd reach out for ever time I needed some concealing and highlighting. Hands down to these babies for their quality and price!


Spots, panda eyes and other blemishes raining on your parade? Smooth over and cover them up with Althea's Flawless Creamy Concealer, a pigmented, blendable concealer that'll whisk them all away! This buildable formula is made with Aquaxyl to moisturize and improve the overall health of the skin, while its long-wearing properties ensure it stays on your face all day. You'll be looking and feeling great in no time!


Product comes in a slim, transparent plastic container with a matte black handle and a doe foot applicator. I like that it's transparent so you get to see how the product and shade look from the outside. This minimize mistakes in choosing the right concealer shade. The product is also sealed with a sticker which is a pain to remove as it leaves sticky papers which attracts dust and dirt very easily. That's pretty much a minor issue but I can't help being concerned.


Vanilla - pink beige #21
Ginger -  warm ivory #21
Honey - warm peach #23-#25
Mocha - deeper yellow #30

As of the moment, Althea Korea Flawless Creamy Concealers comes in four (4) shades namely Vanilla, Ginger, Honey and Mocha--arranged from the lightest to the darkest shade. You can tell that the shade selection is pretty limited and I'm hoping they could add more so as to cater those that does not have their exact match. On the other hand, this is already quite a feat considering most Korean base makeups only comes in two shades. If your skin is lighter than most, you can even use the lightest shade as a highlighter and the darkest one as a contour.


These concealers have very pleasing scent though if you don't prefer scented makeups, you might find it off-putting. All shades have same consistency--creamy and soft. It definitely lives up to its name. I like how blending is such an ease whether using a finger, brush or sponge. It dries semi-matte so you will have enough time to blend it to areas you're putting it on with absolute zero hassle.


I would say these concealers give light to medium coverage. Full coverage is very hard to achieve unless you pack several layers on which no beauty blogger would ever recommend. Doing so will lead to patchy, cakey makeup. I'd say 2-3 layers would be fine if you really have dark under eyes or scars to cover. Swatch provided down below is just one layer as I prefer spots and blemishes still peeking through rather than sporting a completely flawless skin. If you are after the latter, go for an extra layer.


Althea Korea Flawless Creamy Concealers blend seamlessly on the skin without too much of moving around. Take it from someone who's got large pores and oily skin problems! It definitely sets naturally as if you have nothing on and they will last a good 6-8 hours with minimal oxidation. Again, my skin is acidic and oily at the same time so if you're skin's more normal, it might even last longer.


I'm really happy to know that these concealers are makeup and skincare in one. It's packed with Aquaxyl to keep the skin smooth and moisturized, perfect for the under eyes as a first step to avoid wrinkles and fine lines! I cannot believe that a piece is only P200 (less than $4) and despite lacking a bit in coverage, I'd still go for it because it's oily skin-friendly and I can do multiple things with it. I'm lucky I have my shade (Ginger) and that's what I use to highlight my skin. See photo below. I could still use Vanilla but since my skin is warmer, I think Ginger will be the better option. Mocha isn't just too dark to contour my chubby cheeks which is why I'm begging for more shade options.

Overall, these concealers are great value for money. If Althea will come up with more shades, I'm sure to repurchase. I also highly recommend this product to beginners because...well, it's just so affordable and easy to use!


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