Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Althea Korea Spotlight Eye Glitter Review

Althea Korea Spotlight Eye Glitter
Bought for: Free | SRP: P300/4.5ml
From: Althea Korea

Last February, I did a makeup tutorial with Althea Korea's Color Makeups and these spotlight eye glitter were included on the products that I used. It's also one of my favorites from the collection. It's an eye makeup that transforms a simple eye shadow to an outstanding one quickly. As of the moment, it comes only in two (2) shades which is gold and pink light but I hope they'll expand with more sparkly colors.


A sparkling eye glitter product that's easily blendable to use as eyeshadow, comes with a precise brush for eyeliner . It dries down to a long wearing finish. It's also suitable for all skin types.


Product comes in a slim cardboard box that has limited information about the product or what I think so because I don't really read and understand Korean language. I'm still thankful that shades and expiry dates are printed in clear and crisp fonts.

The eye glitters comes in a transparent plastic packaging with a slim applicator that makes application so convenient. I like that it's transparent so I get to see how the product looks from the outside. Overall packaging is effective because not only it's lightweight and travel-friendly, it's also easy to store.


This is a liquid gel eye shadow that has Squalene (that conditions and improves suppleness of the skin) and finely milled shimmer pigments (for a reflective glow). The product feels a little tacky at first but sets to a dry texture after a few seconds. It's okay for me because it feels like the liquid formula glues the shimmer to the skin so it would wear long even on oily lids. Despite the long-wearing property, it's very easy to remove with almost any type of makeup remover so tugging will be minimized.


I like that the shimmer is very gentle on the skin and does not irritate the eyes. It's very safe and easy to use and even for a beginner like me, I find it one of the makeup products to use wherein you won't go wrong whether you put a little or too much. You can also use it on its own or as a last touch to enhance your eye makeup and make it more inviting. Check out the look that I created with this down below! See how vivid the sparkles are with only a dab of the product! It last me the whole day with minimal fading.

These eye glitters aren't basic makeups that you have to own especially if you are just beginning to learn with makeup. However, having even just a tube will be very useful especially when you are transforming from a day to night makeup. It will also save your eye look especially if you are still struggling with your blending skills (like me!). See  how I managed to make my eye makeup look more presentable. :D

Given the fact that a little goes a long way, P300 per eye glitter is not bad at all. But if you prefer mixing and matching shades, I'd suggest you go for pans and sets because they are more economical to use.

Do let me know what you think of the eye makeup I created! Let's start a convo! :)


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