Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Avon Naturals Body Care Lightening Papaya and Soy Milk Hand and Body Lotion Review

Avon Naturals Body Care Lightening Papaya and Soy Milk Lotion
Bought for: P450/750 ml
Bought from: Zalora Philippines

Despite the hot and humid weather we have in the Philippines, I still make sure to slather moisturizer because it gets super dry after cleansing. I find the crinkled skin and taut feeling very disturbing which is why a hand and body lotion is something I could never ran out of. Last month, I got myself this lotion from Avon. I couldn't think of anything to buy from Zalora with the rebate coupon I had so I decided to buy this instead.


New and improved Naturals Papaya now whitens in 7 days. It provides 30-hour moisturization and leaves skin deliciously soft and smooth. Get that healthy glow from Avon. This has papain extract that helps whiten skin for that healthy glow.


It comes in a typical pump bottle and a very simple design. You have to twist the pump open on first use. Pump works and I have no issues dispensing the product at all. I also appreciate the fact that it is loaded with information such as claims, ingredients,  directions for use, and even manufacturing and expiry dates.


The scent is very nice, sweet and has a citrus note. Okay, please don't judge me when I'm bad at describing scents. For me, it really is nice and not too strong. I don't think you'd find it off-putting either. It has a very light consistency and dries quickly. I've read that others find it a little greasy on the skin especially during hot days but I don't think that's true. The claim of 30-hours moisturization is a little exaggerated. I don't think it even moisturizes enough because my skin still feels dry that I always had to re-apply. It's not to the point that it's 'flaky' dry but I still would want something more moisturizing and thicker. It's very lightweight on the skin as if you didn't apply anything which could be okay especially to someone who has normal skin type. I think it all boils down to one's preference.


It's an okay product to use on a daily basis. I mean it's comfortable to wear, doesn't turn greasy at the end of the day but you know by now that I prefer something thicker. If you are someone who's always outdoor, I would suggest you picking a body lotion that has high amount of SPF rather than this. This won't protect you from the harmful UV rays. It's probably great to use in the office or during night time to help your skin recuperate from stress because of its brightening effect. I like that it keeps my skin healthy and smooth and helps maintain my skin's natural color.

There are things I like and dislike about Avon Naturals Body Care Lightening Papaya and Soy Milk Hand and Body Lotion but I don't think I would repurchase anytime soon as I plan on buying lotions I haven't tried before. I also tend to look on the price tag when buying something and I know I've tried other body lotions that are far better and are more affordable.

Let me know what you think of this product by sharing with me your comments down below! Would love to chat with you! :)


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