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Cathy Doll White Milk Shine Peeling Body Scrub Review

Cathy Doll White Milk Shine Peeling Body Scrub
Bought for: P249/320ml
Bought from: SM Store

I've only tried a few products from Cathy Doll and there face powders are something that I liked. Just after that, I found out that they also have skincare line which I decided to explore so I got myself this particular scrub to begin with. I'm familiar with peeling gels for the face but I guess it would be the first time I ever heard a peeling gel for the body. Sounds interesting right?  I love effective body scrubs because they really smoothen and deep cleanse the skin and body scrubs in any form will always be something I'm excited to try. So, I guess the question is, did Cathy Doll White Milk Shine Peeling Body Scrub work?


The milky body scrub gel is rich in Milk Protein and contains White Strawberry. The gel texture is full with moisture that helps to remove inactive skin cells and stimulate the skin cell renewal at the same time while reducing wrinkles and dullness after application. It is rich in milk protein that smoothens the skin. It also helps remove inactive skin cells and stimulates the skin renewal at the same time while reducing dullness.


Gently massage on dry skin until dead skin cells are peeled off. Then rinse off with clean water. Use this twice a week.


Aqua; Glycerin; Silica; Carbomer; Milk Protein; PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil; Diazolidinyl; Urea; fragrance; Cetrimonium; Chloride; Glutathione; Arbutin; Hyaluronic Acid; Ubiquinone; Niacin; Fragaria Chiloensis Fruit Juice


I think that the overall packaging is very hygienic. When I bought it, it's still wrapped in an outer plastic. It also has an inner protection seal so the product won't just leak or drip. The container is huge enough to carry 320ml of product so I think decanting to small containers will be very useful when you are someone who travels a lot. The overall packaging is very cute and appealing and that's something you can always expect with Cathy Doll. It has all necessary information like claims, directions, ingredient lists, as well as manufacturing and expiry dates.


The peeling body scrub smells chemicals which is fine as I'm not really picky with scents. It has a gel texture that kind of turns liquidy when gets in touched with the skin. It does not sting the skin so  I believe even those who have sensitive skin may still opt to using this. It also rinses well without leaving any sticky, slimy residue.


This product is packed with Milk Proteins and White Strawberry that is supposed to renew and moisturize the skin. I did not see such significant effect though because I stopped using after the second applicator. Why? I think it's just a waste of time if your main concern is to scrub away dead skin cells. This product just turns liquid when applied and you have to massage your skin hard and several times to create just few and tiny 'scrubs'. It's tiring and at the same time, doesn't feel like it's thoroughly cleaning/exfoliating the skin. I know other peeling gels that peels away dead skin cells in just seconds.

So no, I'm not gonna settle on this one. My skin felt sore from all the rubbing. I regret spending P249 for this and would not really recommend for people who are looking for effective peeling gels. For me, it does not do its job properly and you better save your P249 for something like what, St. Ives, I guess?


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