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March 2019 Product Empties

by - April 02, 2019

It's been a while! I feel like it's been months since I last had an entry on my blog. I don't feel like myself the past few weeks so updates weren't as frequent as before. I even rarely visit social media other than a few scrolling down my feed for some life updates. I just want you to know, if ever you are reading this, that I'm trying my best to fix myself and think everything over. The past few weeks were all about work, retail therapy, marathons, retrospection and stuff alike as they are keeping me sane at least. The turning point was that I started taking care of myself again starting with skincare. With that said, I'm proud I've had another batch of product empties last March!

EB Naturals DAily Sunscreen Moisturizing Cream
Dewy Tree Pure Veil Pearl Cream
Vitress Hair Polish

Check out the full features my clicking on the links above! I feel like myself today so I think I'm going to write a few more blogs! Stay tuned!


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