Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Natural Pacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum Review (In Old Packaging)

Natural Pacific Fresh Herb Serum
Bought for: P550/50 ml
Bought from: an online shop

***Okay, I did not know this has been drafted last year (can you tell with the old packaging?) but never had the chance to publish it until today because I have like almost a hundred unpublished and disregarded posts. Almost 10% are done already, and about 30% are still ongoing. If only I'm more inspired to write, I could've posted an additional 20 entries to date. Still, life is life. I'd been facing constant challenges the last few months and I'm pretty sure I shared bits of them in some of my previous post. Anyhow, I know this is a product that has been making rounds long before I know of it but I still would want to give my honest thoughts and share the experience I had with this product.


Make vitamin C your skin's new best friend with the Fresh Herb Origin Serum! This best selling concentrate is packed with vitamins and antioxidants that work to diminish wrinkles, minimize pores, brighten dullness and treat troubles. Made with a bi-phase oil-essence formula, this product tingles ever-so-slightly on the skin, but this lessens as your skin's condition improves. Best of all, it's made without synthetic preservatives so it won't irritate the skin.


After cleansing and toning the skin, shake to mix before dispensing a couple of drops onto your hand. Apply evenly onto the skin and gently pat in for better absorption.



I would just like to give you a heads-up that there was a major change with both the packaging and the name of the brand. Natural Pacific is now known as Nacific and we all probably had the same assumption as to how they came up with the name. I appreciate them re-branding because well, obviously the latter is easier to pronounce and is simpler. Also, the overall packaging has changed to a transparent cylinder bottle but still with a hygienic dropper. Despite the major revamp on the packaging, I still think that the older bottle looks much more appealing. Nevertheless, the ingredients used are still almost the same.

Almost because they added a few more ingredients like added Aloe Vera leaves (1.5 times more), Pore Complex 3 to help soothe skin and tighten pores and Sepicalmtm which is an anti-oxidation patented ingredient that helps fight aging.

I have nothing against the packaging except for the rubber part that attracts dirt and dust very easily. This is like a very minor issue though. It's made of thick frosted glass but still not very suitable for travelling. The dropper makes application very sanitized as well.


It has something like an acidic, nutty herbal scent which is okay for me, nothing pleasant but not intolerably awful either. I think others may find this off-putting especially those who have very sensitive noses. Texture-wise, it's very unique as it's a bi-phase serum that has both moisture and vegetable oil layer. Please be advised that you should shake the bottle well prior to use to combine the layers together.

The product feels very light and it doesn't warm up the skin but I'm kind of annoyed with the oily-greasy texture it gives. I don't mind having oily-looking skin during night time but definitely unforgivable during the morning. It's especially not suitable for the weather we have in the Philippines unless you have the drier skin type. Please know that not everyone is particular with this and additionally, not all oily products meant harm. Blame it on my personal preference--I just don't like oily skincare for not much reason. Well, I think there's a reason and that's because I have super oily skin that's becoming even more severe when I put on oil-based products. I also think this product is not very ideal to be applied under makeup as it makes them cake and move around.


This product boasts of Vitamin C and A LOT of extracts and oils which is kind of overwhelming. Some of the key ingredients present are Pasqueflower Extract (helps soothe irritations and purify the skin), Fruit-based Acid (made with a combination of grape, orange, lemon, apple and lime extracts to gently but effectively rid the skin of dead skin cells) and Korean Pepper Extract (rich in  Vitamin C and Tocopherol for protection and antioxidant properties). It's also loaded with Aloe Vera that helps soothe the skin. This is probably why it feels soothing despite the slight stingy effect as it heals the damages on the skin. It's true that this product stings but it goes away after few more uses.

Using it overtime, I did not see much difference at all. I notice that my skin is having clogged pores and this usually happen when I use oil-based products. Also, my skin did not stop breaking out during the entire trial period despite the minimal usage (1-2 drops every night). I guess my skin did not like the oil and extract mixture and it's too much for me to take in.

With that saying, I don't think I'll ever repurchase this product. If you have a more normal skin type, you can probably give this a try especially our skin reacts differently on a certain product. I have problematic skin so I need to be extra careful with what products I choose to incorporate in my skincare. I'm just sad that it did not meet my expectations. Others are raving about this product and I'm happy that it works for them. I'm still looking for my own and new holy grail and I will share what's it going to be soon!


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