Wednesday, April 17, 2019

New at Sample Room: Vaseline Healthy White Fresh and Fair Cooling UV Gel Lotion

Summer is just so intense, don't you think? I personally would like to give up with skincare because extra moisture is just making me sweat a lot. On the other hand, I commend Vaseline's marketing strategies because they just release a new lotion variant we're all probably curious about. I find the product not just very timely but unique as well--it's going to be the first time I'm ever trying a UV gel body lotion that's cooling because it's infused with cooling menthol! Woah, I've only heard it with shampoos. But have you ever tried something similar? I never had so don't hold it against me.

I tried Vaseline Healthy White Fresh and Fair Cooling UV Gel Lotion yesterday and it indeed feels cool on the skin. It also dries very quickly without leaving any sticky, greasy residue. Aside from this, it is loaded with skin-friendly nutrients like 10x Vitamin B3 and SPF to protect skin from external factors. It's also infused with micro-droplets of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly that moisturizes and repairs skin from within. Definitely a summer must-have!

Vaseline Healthy White Fresh and Fair Cooling UV Gel Lotion is available in three sizes: 350ml (P318.50), 200ml (P202), and 100ml (P116) and you can try them for FREE when you visit


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