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Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam Review

Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam Review
Bought for: P540/150ml
Bought from: Althea Korea

Last year, sometime in November, Althea Korea had a daebak deal wherein you can get two (2) products for the price of one. I got myself some Touch In Sol No Poreblem Primers and a couple of Pyunkang Yul products. This is going to be the first time I'm trying out something from the brand so you can only imagine the feeling of excitement rushing through my blood. I had high expectations because at that time, Pyunkang Yul is very popular and I always see their products on my Instagram feed. So I guess you're wondering how did it go with Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam? Keep on reading after the short break!


A gentle foam made with Ledebouriella Seseloides Extract which according to a quick search is an extract known for its therapeutic properties. It's used for the treatment of itchy skin and reduction of skin inflammation. It also has Glyceryl Caprylate to refine skin texture. Aside from that, as a medicinal based formula, it controls oil production and unclogs pores, leaving skin fresh and revitalized. Infused with 16 kinds of main ingredients verified by US Environmental Working Group (EWG), it is perfect to use for all skin types.

This cleanser delivers deep cleansing with a rich lather; clears out dirt and oil trapped in pores; leaves skin feeling clean and fresh without drying, and lightly moisturizes without compromising your skin’s equilibrium.


Pyunkang Yul is one of the brands that promotes minimalism in terms of packaging. As you can tell, it's all white aside, of course, from the fonts used to display information such as claims, ingredients, directions for use, etc. Both the cardboard and the tube is matte and clean-looking, it even appears very clinical to me. The size of the tube is quite deceiving. It could probably carry up to 200ml amount of cleanser but it only has 150ml inside. I hope they made it smaller so it would be more convenient to bring to travels. I like tube packaging but given the runny formula, I think it would be more appropriate to use a pump. Every time I push the cap open, product would immediately slide down so I can hardly control the amount to dispense. It's messy and wasteful at the same time.


You can use it like how you usually cleanse your skin or do the mask technique. Yes, apply the product on dry skin like a mask, let it sit for about a minute or two before you finally mix it with lukewarm water. Apply in gentle circular strokes and rinse!


It has a subtle herbal scent that won't irritate sensitive noses. I don't think it has much fragrance which is good because they can be skin irritants too.


As what I've mentioned, Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam has a runny consistency with a soft, elastic texture. I'm not sure if this cleanser has very tiny grains because it's kinda rough at first and it's weird because it's not marketed as a scrub cleanser. I find it very unique and fun to use though. It also lathers richly even when using a very small amount. It's safe to say that a 150 ml bottle will last you a loooooong time. Despite the foamy formula, it's easy to rinse off with water without leaving any slimy residue, just a thoroughly cleansed skin.


This cleanser really promotes clean skin and it seems to penetrate to the pores to absorb excess oil and dirt for a deep-cleanse and purification. However, I had to say that it's extremely drying. I have oily skin so I can have high tolerance for drying cleansers. However, I still feel like this cleanser strips the skin's natural moisture, leaving skin squeaky clean. I kind of expect this with foamy formula but I just can't get used to it. I don't like stripping cleansers that gives matte, tight feeling because my skin would compensate by producing more oils which I don't really approve of.

I've read short reviews and comments about this product on shopping sites and most of them claimed that this product is hydrating but no, it's not the same for me. I also think that the price is unreasonable for a basic cleanser like this. I've tried other cleansers that are far better than Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam for a cheaper price.

So would I repurchase? I don't think so. I still prefer non-stripping cleansers especially the gel ones. However, if you are looking for a mild, non-sting cleanser that's also cruelty-free and formulated with organic ingredients, you can try this. To be fair, it did not break me out so I don't totally hate this product. Let me know what you think of this cleanser by sharing your comments down below! Happy blogging!


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