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Charis M+ Madecassoside Cica Cream Review

Charis M+ Madecassoside Cica Cream
SRP: P1190 (50ml) | P870 (30ml)
From: Charis

Finally! I know Charis will come up with their very own product but I did not expect it to be this soon. I'm sure I'm not the only one who kept on guessing what their first product would be but I was so happy that it's a multi-functional cream. I haven't tried a lot of Cica Creams before, in fact I think I only had one apart from this and that was the very popular Centellian 24 Madeca Derma Cream which was a so-so. When I received these in the mail, I eventually tried it and now that I think I had enough time of road-testing, I'm going to share with you how it works for me. Please keep reading after the short break!


Charis M+ Madecassoside Cica Cream claims to be a multi high tech solution for sensitized skin and works to clarify, lift, relax and moisten the skin. It contains Madecassoside and Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract providing delicate hydration and moisturization effects to the sensitive skin damaged from external stimulation. 


There are tons of ingredients found in this product and mostly are extracts from plants and herbs. About 58% are composed of Tiger Leaf Extract or also known as Centella Asiatica so if you don't have any problems with that, this may be safe for you. I haven't had any problems with this ingredient before so I'm not very cautious when I tried this. It's claimed as a cream for all skin types but better be safe. If you are sensitive to any extracts listed down below, I highly suggest to do a patch test first as we never know the exact concentration and how your skin will react towards it.


I was given both the 30 and the 50 ml tubes but they are housed in the same packaging. It comes with a teal and white cardboard box that has all the information you will ever need about the product including the claims, directions for use, ingredient and expiry date (one year after opening).

The product itself is contained in an aluminum tube that looks very clinical and hygienic. I imagine putting on some ointment as I use it. It's lightweight and travel-friendly though just like what you expect, it's kinda hard to scrape the very last drops. I cut my skin about twice while I was trying to do that. It's nothing serious though.

The mouth is sealed with an aluminum upon purchase for sanitary purposes and I like that it's easy to control the amount to use. I would appreciate if it comes with a pointed nozzle though.


I use this product twice every day. First thing in the morning after toner and before sunscreen and at the last step of my night time skincare. I only use half a pea-sized amount since a little goes a long way. I make sure to apply more on the drier areas such as around the eyes and neck. It's also a great soothing cream to apply anywhere your body after you wax or do either chemical or physical exfoliation to calm redness and irritation.


The cream has a little bit of an herbal scent, almost to the point that it's indistinguishable. The product has an opaque white color and has a very rich and creamy texture. It has a consistent formulation and true enough, it gets absorbed by the skin easily without any stickiness. The good thing about it is that you can layer it with makeups though your base might move around and cake on the latter part of the day. This cream warms my skin and my face is oilier during midday whenever I have this on. And when there's oil, you know what happens to your base. You will also wake up with a face looking like a grease ball. It must be the summer but I think this cream is the culprit as I'm not as oily when it's just my regular toner and cream.


Despite the fact that it makes my skin so oily, it doesn't clog my pores or causes breakouts. Because of the rich texture, it's able to soften the skin, lessen redness overtime and make it look healthier and plumper. It's best to use during night time when your skin is healing and you'll wake up with smoother and clearer skin. Since it's formulated to be highly moisturizing, this will be more suitable for those with dry skin and as a cream to moisturize the areas where frequent loss of moisture occur--eyes and neck. Remember what beauty gurus say, the more your skin is moisturized, the longer it will take to age. Do keep that in mind.

Another thing I'd like to point out is that it works as a hand and foot cream too! It's able to soften calluses on the soles and palms and moisture stays longer. It might be on the steeper side of skin care but do take note that a little goes a long way so it's still worth the repurchase.

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