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Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Powder Review

Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Powder
Bought for: P477.46/5g
Bought from: Innisfree

With the summer heat,  I couldn't help but skip too many steps in my skincare and makeup routine. My oily skin just can't handle all the formula and humidity so I (most of the time) resort to just the basic steps. After skincare, as much as I'd love to do my base and color correct, I just top everything off with a mattifying powder so at least I'd look ever-so-slightly fresh. In this kind of weather, a blurring/tinted powder comes very, very useful as it both enhances the skin's texture and prevents shine. It's when I start using Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Powder which is where our spotlight would be for today.


Innisfree No-Sebum Blur Powder has pore blur effect that covers skin bumps . It makes the skin texture smooth and bright as if giving a blur effect, covering skin bumps caused by pores and fine wrinkles.  Offers durability of long-lasting softness. Natural minerals and mint ingredients from Jeju work to control the oil and moisture balance of the skin and make it more healthy. It has a natural beige color that fits the skin. It allows for the skin texture to appear healthy and feeling smooth by providing a look for natural makeup with natural beige color pigments that are suited for any type of skin.

I am pretty sure you all know the drill. Tap lightly on the face as the last step of makeup. Feel free to use whenever the skin becomes greasy.


The product comes in a tiny jar with a twist cap. The packaging looks very simple but has an impact as the plastic is thick and durable and is perfect for travelling. It's very similar to the popular No-Sebum Mineral Powder with only slight differences in color and texture. I loved the mineral variant that I forgot how many times I did repurchase so it must be the reason why there's not much persuasion in my part in buying the Blur one. Both of them has this seal that is a bit of a pain to remove. They also come with a white-colored puff that is very plush and won't irritate the skin at all.

The only issue I probably have with this type of packaging is the fact that it's very hard to dispense the product with the size of the filter. No matter how hard I tap, the powder won't come off in decent amount. It must be the powder's texture as they are quite clumpy. It's very inconvenient to use because imagine me having to remove the plastic filter over and over so I can just tap my brush straight to the powder. I always end up picking a little too much pigment and is very wasteful because the powders just has the tendency to go all over the place. If you have an empty, bigger cosmetic sifter, you might want to transfer if you are using it mainly to set your makeup.


The product has a subtle mint scent so I don't think you'll find it off-putting. It's tinted and is beige in color so I think it will serve most skin complexions. The powders are velvety soft and they seem to melt on your skin once applied. They may look clumpy from where they are but once you press on them, you'll know they are finely-milled.


I like the fact that the powder's blurring effect is really significant upon application though not very long lasting. The mattifying power goes away after 1-2 hours and I feel like I needed to apply some more. To be fair though, I have super oily skin and retouch is something I always needed to keep shine at bay. The good thing is that it's able to keep me looking fresh after every application. Because it's tinted, it gives less white cast too compared to the mineral variant and other translucent powders. It's also able to give skin a brightened and more even appearance without the powdery look. I'm very particular with powders and I make sure to only use the ones that will not clog my pores. This is one of those powders that didn't cause me to breakout even if it takes me lots of retouch the whole day.

Honestly speaking, P477 is quite too expensive for a powder with only 5g of amount and it's usually more than what I would normally spend on a basic setting powder. I'd still give it a shot though because a little goes a long way and it's a nice setting powder to apply as is or on top of your makeup to make sure everything stays in place. Nothing very special but still useful.

If you are looking for a more reliable blur powders, better spend a little more for Coty Airspun, Laura Mercier or Ben Nye.


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