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Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist Review

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist
Bought for: P1560/150ml
Bought from: Althea Korea

I know posting this will make me look like a late bloomer which I probably am but I have so much to talk about this product that even though the trend's gone, I hope someone would appreciate me writing this after all.

I bought this Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist from Althea Korea months ago. I was lucky to snag this at a further markdown since I bought it together with the another cult-favorite Time Revolution Night Repair Ampule. They were being sold in a bundle so you know that you're saving some bucks and on top of that, I had some credits that I shamelessly applied.

I believe that the product formulation has been revamped (somewhere in 2016), and since then, it has been upgraded to the "Intensive Moist" and with upgrades comes better ingredient concentrations. It's now formulated with 90% fermented yeast (10% more) which is the product's main ingredient. Don't quote me on this and please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


Missha's best-selling essence has been upgraded to "Intensive Moist," now formulated with 90% fermented yeast, its superstar ingredient. 

Fermented ingredients are at the heart of Korean skin care. This newly upgraded water-like essence is a cult favorite among skin care lovers because it's well-known to repair damage and even out skin tone in just a few weeks. This newly upgraded formula contains over 90% fermented yeast extract from Himalayan purple barley to effectively plump skin, refine texture, and reduce pigmentation -- even better than before! Ion fermentation process also ensures rapid absorption of moisture, allowing skin to retain moisture for longer and restoring skin elasticity. Niacinamide brightens and clarifies skin tone while adenosine energizes skin for more younger-looking skin. This essence will be your new holy grail! This product has a pH level of 5.5

Couldn't make up what's on the box but from what I can see, these are just the Korean translation of what's in the next photo.


There aren't much in the ingredient list and my heart's screaming because I secretly adore products that are formulated so simply. Showing this has few ingredients makes me think I'm putting less chemicals on my skin. But of course, it's not always about the ingredient list. It's how they are formulated together, concentrations and all, to make an impact on the skin.

As mentioned, it contains 90% Fermented Gemmule Yeast Extract and Himalaya Purple Barley that recover skin balance, and basic ability of skin by raising skin moisture from deep inside. Other ingredients are most likely fillers that aren't usually irritating to the skin. Take a look on the COSDNA product analysis to check.


The product comes in a sleek cardboard packaging and has all necessary information about it. Upon opening, you'll see how it's all glammed up. The cap is sleek and silver and opens as you twist it. It's very secure and doesn't leak. There's also a stopper upon opening so the liquid is assured of safety and cleanliness. I accidentally lost it since first use though and that's fine because I don't think I'll ever wanna keep it. Overall, the packaging is gorgeous and it looks expensive as well. The material is frosted glass and that sits really pretty on your vanity area. The thing is, it's fragile so you can't bring it to trips very easily so you may have to decant some on small plastic bottles.


This products smells almost nothing in particular as I did a second run through the ingredient list, I'm happy to know that it's fragrance-free so no wonder. It's a watery essence but I apply it like how I would with a toner. Soaking a cotton pad and apply straight all over the face and neck in a gentle, upward motion. It's watery in consistency, absorbs easily as it hydrates the skin instantly. No need to do 'skins' with this otherwise your skin is super dry or can tolerate a bit of tackiness. I don't think reapplication is necessary too because I have oily skin and I have to finish the rest of my skincare lol.


I'm not very happy to have splurge on this product. It does nothing special and it makes me develop bumps and pimples. This is the essence/toner I've used after running out of Laneige Clear C Advance Effector Ex and since then, my face has turned dull and oily. I don't know why but my skin is not very fond of this product and I'm partly to blame because I used a hydrating essence that's more intended for those with drier skin type.

I've only used about a half of this product for about a month and I'm not showing any improvement on my skin complexion. I was starting to break out on my neck which rarely happens so that gave me the idea of stopping. So I made a huge decision of throwing it away last week (throwing just away from my vanity lol) and switching it with the Laneige White Dew Skin Refiner which is slowly working to bring back my skin's natural glow. I don't know what I'd do with this now and I hate to think I'll be wasting bucks if I just literally throw it out.

So there, again, Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist did nothing for me other than worsen my skin condition so nope, I'm not gonna repurchase. I'm still happy for those who find it as their holy grail but keep in mind that not everything that works for one, works for everyone. This is the TSF, until next!


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