Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Real Techniques, Beauty Blender and Eco Tools Brush Haul

Recently, there was a site wide sale both at Zalora and Lazada where I scored a few individual brushes from Real Techniques limited edition brush lines and Eco Tools. I am so happy with this haul because I got them for a really great bargain prices and on top of that, I was able to get further markdowns because of a few vouchers from partner brands. As I always tell you, patience is the key. I could wait for sale season to make sure I'm getting the best deals! Anyway, here's what I got!


The first collection I have here are the ones from their Brush Crush Volume I collection. I have the 300 Powder Brush (P384) which has super soft, fluffy bristles that distribute powder so evenly. I bought the 302 Blush Brush (P381.50) too which is quite small and fits the apple of the cheeks. The 303 Contour Brush (P418) was a pleasure to have because it has more weight to it than other brushes and is dense but soft enough to blend contour very well. The 305 Shadow Brush (P290) is so fluffy too and it does not poke the eyes which is what I always look out for in eye brushes. Last in this collection is the 306 Kabuki Brush (P599) which would be a perfect touch to the vanity. Overall, this is a nice limited edition collection to have that sparks joy and chicness!


These are the Powder Bleu Collection that's made of synthetic bristles and is the luxury counterpart of the basic RT brushes. Just like the brush crush collection, these has a nice weight to them and the sturdy, sleek handles paves way for better grip. The pointed handles allow precise application and better storage as they do not roll around. Not to mention, both collections look so good in the vanity. I bought three makeup brushes which are the Soft Complexion Brush (P455), Soft Powder Brush (P455), and Soft Shadow Brush (P282).


I stopped buying Eco Tools because the regular ones, though made of high quality bristles, are kind of light and cheap. However, I saw these and I caved in. There were tons of good feed back about the 360 Ultimate Blend Brush Set (P824) so I got them even though they are not included in the sale. I was able to snag a coupon so technically, I was able to slash a something from the regular price. These are incredible! I consider it Eco Tools' own version of paddle brushes that are way much more ergonomic and are cheaper. These brushes are so soft and dense I couldn't wait to use it! It comes in three sizes so you will have several options.

I also got the Stippling brush (P280) which looks and feel cheap but I kind of like it because it does the job and it doesn't shed as much as other stippling brushes. Also the bristles are short so application is more precised. I also have the Large Powder Brush (P226) which is feathery soft to the touch.


Lastly I bought a Beauty Blender sponge and a pointed crease brush from the Real Techniques Bold Metals line. I kind of regret buying these first because I have checked and I still have tons of unused BBs and second, I rarely use dome-shaped crease brushes. Anyway, whatever, it must be nice to store them.

So that's pretty much it! I am so happy I got more brushes and I am still open for more! Happy blogging!


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