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Shiseido Maquillage Watery Rouge in RD 388 Review

Shiseido Maquillage Watery Rouge in RD 388
Bought for: Free with points | SRP: P1150/6g
Bought from: Sample Room

Here's a quick review on a luxury product I got from the brand Shiseido. I have this product for quite a while now but I never thought of blogging about it just now. It was a hit and miss with this product so I'm quite excited to share my thoughts with you.


A touch of stain that blends instantly. A tint-type rouge with a water-based 3-layer separation technology that creates a look with a natural luster and color that appear to emanate from within. It moisturizes and softens lips while giving a long-wearing color and luster for up to 6 hours.


The diagonal tip functions as a blender for an airy, light finish. Gently tap the applicator tip on the lips, starting at the center to spread with a smear over the entire lip. When both lips are rubbed together, a natural luster emanates as the color stains the lips, prolonging wear.


The overall shimmery casing is really looking grand and glamorous. It definitely looks good from a distance. I also like the slanted doe foot applicator and stuff too. The thing is, the packaging weighs so light and the casing feels cheap as it's just made of plastic coated with some sleek paint.


This is claimed to be as an ultra hydrating lip tint so I kind of predicted that it won't be as matte as the usual which added to my excitement. This has the consistency of a lip gloss but with an opaque color. I hate those drying lip tints that make my puckers crack, peel and bleed. True enough, this has a creamy, soft formula that glides on the lips so easily and is very hydrating. It's lightweight too, non-sticky and doesn't wear uncomfortably on the lips. On the other hand, the product does not settle completely on the lips as what I expect with lip products that has the consistency of a lip gloss. It easily transfers but you lips will still be left soft and smooth for hours.


The pigmentation sucks, at least for this shade in RD 388. It's a muted pink in shade and is supposed to tint the lips while providing luster. As suggested, you have to stick your lips together to blend during application to prolong the wear. It does it's job in providing a pinkish glow but once you drink, lick or accidentally wipe your lips, the color comes off too. I would disagree if others say that this is long-lasting. Take a look at my swatch down below. There's barely a percent of color that's left after wiping the product ONCE with pure cotton pad.


Just like what I've mentioned, it's a hit and miss with Shiseido Maquillage Watery Rouge. Still, I find myself bringing it with me everywhere because it's very simple and natural-looking on the lips. I also love that it makes my lips look plumper and healthier. I have super dry lips and I badly needed a lip product that would instantly soothe and calm it while also providing a bit of color. I'd prefer it over drying tints even though the price is on the steeper side.

For a long-lasting pinkish glow, dab some tint onto your lips and top it off with Shiseido Maquillage Watery Rouge for an enhanced glow and luster. That works best for me!


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