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June Sampleroom Haul: New Products To Try

by - June 18, 2019

Here's my recent haul from Sample Room! I got new items I haven't tried before so I'm so stoked to try these. I included Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive in my haul because I am planning to dye my hair next week (which I am not so sure yet). I also bought the new Olay Natural White Ageless Aura 2-in-1 Facial Cream to aid my fine lines and aging skin. Lastly, I got myself a wash-off facial mask sheet called the Crazy Skin Crazy! Lifting Mask + Eye Cream which is very new to me. I am yet to figure out if this is a local products or from a Korean brand. What do you think?

Can't wait for SR to refresh their items! What about you? Have you been to Sampleroom to try new products before committing to buy?


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